Self Delusional Dejection

Are You Showing Signs Of Insufferable Self Delusional Dejection?

Have you become insufferable or impossible to live with or be around?

Do you feel dejected, downtrodden and hopeless because your business hasn't progressed the way you wanted it to?

self delusional dejectionHave you become self delusional in any way in regards to your business and your expectations? Are you aware of what is happening around you now or are you blind to the realities of running a home business?

When I first wrote this heading I thought that anyone reading this would think that i had totally lost the plot. But stay with me here and see how this unfolds. 

So let us explore this further and see if actually these sentences above are near the truth for you or whether these sentences are not. 

Now, this article is purely for people in the MLM and or Network Marketing industry. So let us see where this article takes us, shall we?

Three hundred thousand people a week enter our industry worldwide. WHY?

Let us assume that people come into our industry to make money pure and simple, let us make no bones about this. I hope you would all agree with this assumption in principle?

The sad thing is most people do not make very much money or at least the type of money they really want. Hopefully we are all on the same page here, so please read on or continue to listen.

This business or industry will find out weak relationships I can assure you of that. In this industry you find out just how strong your relationship really is and or what type of person you are. Don't ask me how or why this works. I don't really know, it is just the way it is.

So please understand, that at some stage you may well become insufferable and people may not want to spend time around you because of your attitude possibly. Becoming insufferable is more common in this industry than you may ever imagine.

It is quite normal to feel dejected and I can hear you ask, really? Yes, the vast majority of people have had some dejection whilst trying to build their businesses.

Also people can become self delusional and expect their current business to solve all their problems, thereby putting all the pressure on the business opportunity and not really looking at the core challenge(s) here and that is normally YOU and not your company, products or any leader. 

Okay, so enough of this doom and gloom (although it never was really meant to be like that), So what can I do starting today that will make a difference and balance out my expectations, feelings and emotions?

1. Take the day off, or maybe the week and take stock of everything. Think about what I have said and see if any of this rings true for you or maybe some of your team members. Understand that there is probably very little wrong with your business opportunity, if any. 

2. Go to work on yourself first before anything else. Let personal development take centre stage and concentrate on improving your attitude, mindset and self image, before anything else. If you do not know where to start give me a call and I will point you in the right direction.

3. There are some great network marketing companies out there and they know what they are doing, believe me. So dig deep into some education about your respective company and find out everything from top to bottom, once you have taken some time off.

4. If you have a partner take them out for a meal or similar and make them feel special. Turn being insufferable into becoming a nice person to be around and use some horse sense rather than keep hitting your head against a brick wall.

It takes courage to admit you have been going about this the wrong way. Also bring some balance into your life and don't spend all your time working on your business. Ask yourself WHY am I doing this business in the first place?

5. Eliminate self delusional thoughts here and set some goals that excite and stretch you, but refrain from making them too easy or outrageously hard. start with something small and work your way up. Remember to celebrate the small wins and achievements, as well as the larger victories.

6. Always work to a time schedule and know when to back off and engage in some rest and relaxation. Make sure that fun, laughter and smiling are a big part of your work week as well.self delusional

So enough of the Poor Little Old Me (or as one of my old associates used to call it, the disease of PLOM) and move on to bigger and better things. 

Remember that most of us go there at some time or another. We have all suffered from dejection, self delusional thoughts and been horrible to be around at times. (well most of us anyway). I have been there, done it and got many T shirts. It is not a pretty sight, believe me.

Time to change things I think.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

Self delusional dejection

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