Are You Setting The Pace?

So Are You Setting The Pace?

Now the question, ‘Are you setting the pace’ has got you thinking about your business hopefully and the speed of your momentum. Having momentum helps build enthusiasm, excitement and rapid growth.

Pacesetters are the ones who make things happen and ultimately win or do they?

Well, it does depend on what you are referring to. If it is a 5000 meters race, the person setting the pace normally gets beaten.

are you setting the paceIf you were building a network marketing or MLM, then the man, woman or couple who are setting the pace are the individuals that are the ones on stage getting the awards.


Sometimes you have a flash in the pan, you know the person who has great results for a short time and then disappears off the earth, having been abducted by aliens.

Do You Have To Become A Person Setting The Pace?

Off course you don’t have to be the one or couple at the forefront to progress in your company, but it does help. Mainly because you will want to draw people towards you through magnetism or charisma. People who have charisma tend to be the ones on stage and the ones setting the pace though.

Can you start slowly and gain the necessary speed, of course, you can. The home business industry has all types of people who make money and setting the pace is not mandatory, but suggested only.

So setting the pace is your choice and it is never been an edict or requirement.

But for those who move out into the fast lane setting the pace, riches await you as long as you follow some simple principles here, such as integrity, persistence, honesty, consistency and high vibrations. 

Setting the pace is a great strategy, but it is not the only strategy on the table. Never worry if you are a slow starter. The most important thing is your passion and commitment moving forward

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


Are you setting the pace?

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