Throw In The Towel

Throw In The Towel honestly?

I know that at various times in network marketing, we all consider or want to “throw in the towel” because things get too hot, too difficult or we get to the stage where we have just had enough, which is quite a normal reaction. 

The problem I have with people who want to  “throw in the towel”  is that on a lot of occasions individuals show or display very little backbone and quit, either too early or when the going gets tough. 

So the question I would ask is this, “What’s got you turned off?” (Thanks Jim Rohn). You see whatever it was that excited you in the first place, where did it go? To be fair the game hasn’t changed and very rarely does, so what changed for you? “Throwing in the towel” is normally just an easy option or simple way out for most. throw in the towel

So why is it that people chicken out and refuse to fight their corner and take care of their future? I have no idea really, maybe they are just weak individuals, who always give in to the slightest pressure or setback. To  “throw in the towel”  too quickly tantamounts to abject failure, cowardice and a serious lack of courage on many occasions. 

I have to say that the type of person I spend my time around are best described as Winners not Whiners, Eagles not Turkeys, Rhinos and not Sheep. People who can tough it out when the crap hits the fan. So what camp would you put yourself in? The select club full of aces or the streets full of moaners? I wonder. 

Now sometimes it pays to “throw the towel”, especially if you are a boxer and you are getting a hiding in the ring. But a network marketer can always turn it around quickly, if they so choose, but what you normally find is that they start bad mouthing the company, the product range and the upline leadership. This is basically non productive, wrong and a complete cop out, isn’t it. 

There are three things that you can do immediately to turn it all around, rather than just throwing the towel in and they are as follows:-

A) First of all go and spend some time with the most successful person you can find within the company. Discuss your feelings, expectations and concerns with them, before you just quit or start to criticise others. If you can’t or won’t do this, then you must quit your network marketing company immediately, because this industry is just not for you.

B) Secondly, decide to become a thorough professional at what you do. This is huge, because most people just do not understand this and that is why they never get into the top 5% or make some serious cash. Yes it is going to take a lot of work, but anything worth doing is worth doing well. First you study, then you practice and then you can move on to teach the same information to your team.

C) Thirdly spend a specific amount of time every day on yourself, whether that is personal development, physical exercise or meditation. These areas are key to improving your attitude, self image, posture and your emotional intelligence.  

So instead of being one of those people who just  “throw in the towel”  at the first sign of difficulty or when faced with an immovable object, problem, hurdle or obstacle, embrace change now and start enjoying your network marketing business again. Giving up is an attitude and so is keeping on.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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