Expand Your Network

Expand Your Network. Are You Ready?

You cannot regularly target hot quality prospects unless you are willing to seriously “expand your network” in some way or another. Yes you can be alive to all eventualities and possibilities, be observant and totally aware of the people that are around you, but I think that you realise that you have to be a little more organised, professional and focused, in order to find the numbers of people to meet and talk to.

One of the best ways to “expand your network” is to have a steady stream of quality leads and you can do this locally or within a specific radius of where you live. The great thing is that this is a very low cost method of getting in front of potentially hundreds of targeted prospects. 

A Flexible Way To Expand Your Network

The way that you can “expand your network” rapidly is by effectively using expand your network

I have been a member of Meetup for some time, but had not really utilized it properly for lead flow whilst I was living in London. However I came to San Francisco to stay for three months and I decided to use this amazing platform and leverage the power of Meetup to build my downline.

I had been speaking to other leaders within my network marketing business and I was aware that they were using this method, but I took it too lightly. I started off looking at the social aspect of Meetup and attended a comedy night and a happy hour, which were very enjoyable, however I really wanted to concentrate on the business and networking aspect of Meetup.

To Expand Your Network You Have To Get In The Trenches

So last Wednesday morning I joined a business networking group that meets once a week for lunch. What I didn’t realise was that they were meeting at 11.30am that morning and this was now 12 midday. So I jumped in the shower, raced to the venue unshaven, but missed the actual lunch. I stayed for about 40 minutes and actually met 5 prospective partners within that short space of time. For me this is a work in motion.

Meetup is an huge untapped market of new prospects, but the great thing is that you can attend an event and feel safe with any hype or pressure. There are over 100,000 Meetup groups globally over 45,000 cities hosting events, so you should never be without a place to attend and mingle with people on your quest to “expand your network.”

Personally I think that Meetup, if used properly can be an excellent way to “expand your network” and take your network marketing business to the next level.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey