Are You Polite And Respectful?

Polite And Respectful. It Is Expected

It is a bit like a smile, being polite and just showing a degree of respect will not only make you feel better but others to. I know it is difficult sometimes but when you come up against the person(s) who is or are hell-bent on ruining your day, just smile directly at them and walk away.are you polite and respectful

They will be the ones affected by their noxious attitude and words. If that doesn’t work, then just knock them out. Only joking, that was the boxer in me coming out. I remember in 2002 I was in a nightclub and talking to an Irish gentleman. He was a neighbor of my daughter’s and we were both on our own and she introduced us.

We had a few drinks together and he was quite friendly. After about 30 minutes we both became surrounded by a group of men and for some reason, they concentrated on me. Now at the time, I was a local police detective, so I had to be very careful. The two main protagonists started asking me questions about the Irish guy I was with.

They never did find out that I was a police officer. Now it was obvious to me that I was in trouble because they were out of their faces on cocaine. Anyway being adept at psychology I used a technique that Tony Robbins suggested, changing the pattern of their thinking. I smiled and said, ‘Can I buy you two a drink?’ This totally destroyed their concentration.

They both said, ‘Yeah okay.’ Whilst I was up the bar these two set about the Irishman and beat him to the floor. When I got back with their drinks, the Irishman was picking himself up off of the floor. I know you are wondering why they started on the Irishman. Well, he had had an argument with his girlfriend who had come into the club before him. The girlfriend had been chatting to another man and the Irish man became jealous and threatened the other man. (Watch who you get involved with)

I was originally surrounded by the leaders of this group, who thought I would back the Irishman up in a fight and I told them I had never met him before. The group was high on cocaine and highly agitated. I made sure I smiled all the way through this incident.

I later found out that this group was a violent drug gang who later were raided and went off to prison. Now I wonder where the information came from or who instigated it? Anyway the moral of the story is be polite and respectful at all times. If it can work for me in a violent situation then it can work for anyone.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


Are you polite and respectful?

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