Are You Out Of Your Comfort Zone?

Are You Out Of Your Comfort Zone?

Now hopefully you get out of your comfort zone on occasions, because let’s be honest here and say that this is where the money and the success are.

You know that don’t you, yes I can see you both smiling and cursing. For one thing, you are smiling because you know I am right on the money with that comment and two, you are annoyed at yourself for not getting off your butt and making things happen.

Ok relax, we have all been there I can assure you, some quite obviously more than others. But, it is whether you stay there on the couch watching the soaps, CSI and reality TV, which will determine your financial fate in the future.

In the end, you have to get yourself moving, if you want a better lifestyle and the majority of people actually do want a better quality of life.

So what would be some examples of actually getting out of your comfort zone?

I think the obvious two is the fear of public speaking and the fear of falling.

I say this because I had them in my youth and I was scared to confront them at first, but I realized that you have to get out of your comfort zone to be able to confront these demons and to get the monkey off of my back.

out of your comfort zoneNow one was easier than the other, so let’s start with the easy one, which is the fear of falling, which some people mix up with the fear of heights.

Now I didn’t know I had this fear until I was an 18-year-old police cadet and we were away for 10 days in a rain soken North Wales engaged in outward bound stuff, like canoeing and rock climbing. I think you can see where this one is headed?

There we were standing at the top of this 150-foot drop and they wanted me to walk and bounce down backward. I thought only a fool would want to do this.

Now you are attached to two ropes, one of which is kept tight and is controlled by a human (now that was scary, my life in someone else’s hands) and they let you down slowly. The second rope I controlled and could let myself down at my pace.

The worst thing was the start of the descent because they get you to lean out over the drop at an acute angle, this was the point at which I thought the world had ended. However, I made it to the bottom in one piece.

Guess what happened next? I couldn’t wait to get up to the top of the rock face for my second go. I was so excited and from then on I took to it like a duck to water and it became easy and fun.

It did make me laugh that when I thought I had cracked it big time. The instructor ran off the top of the rock face at speed going forwards and got to the bottom in a few seconds, just to put things into perspective.

But the key was I had completed it and it made me realize that I wasn’t actually afraid of heights. I was afraid of falling. So when I was secured with two ropes, all fear subsided.

The other fear I had to confront and still am 46 years later is the fear of public speaking. Now I started to confront this at age 11.

The school wanted a boy from each year to speak at the Monday morning assembly and read out a report on how the soccer team did on the previous Saturday morning. I volunteered for some strange reason and I was petrified to get out there, but I did it every week.

Subsequently, I have spoken to hundreds of people and I still have difficulty, but not 10% of how I would have been feeling if I hadn’t nipped that one in the bud at a young age.

I have to say that being a police officer for nearly 32 years, speaking to and dealing with members of the public every day helped tremendously. But like top actors and actresses will tell you, most of them still get nervous before they go out on stage and that believe me is a good thing.

So I hope that you can get out of your comfort zone moving forward because no matter how difficult it is (and thinking about it is much worse than actually doing it) you will love the feeling of taking control and taking action, believe me.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey