Are You On A Rhino Charge?

A Rhino Charge Will Fire You Up And Drive You Forward Rapidly

Over the last week I have talked about soaring with the eagles and having the heart of a lion and they tend to steer you  towards skills or traits such as professionalism, leadership and courage etc, but sometimes it just takes a massive amount of effort to get where you want to go and I just call that a rhino charge.

I always suggest that people work smart, thinking about what they are doing or just be brave, but on many occasions the ability to take up the cavalry charge is vital also. By rhino charge I am referring to all out massive action or as Sir Richard Branson would refer to it as, ‘Screw it let’s do it.’rhino charge

The combination of the eagle, lion and rhino appear to take care of all eventualities. Sometimes we need to plan, other occasions we need to tread where angels fear to tread and lastly we have to make the numbers work for us, go for the jugular (in a nice way) and graft.

Let me give you an example which is totally unrelated to our industry. As most of my friends and acquaintances know I was a former police officer and dealt with many different and varied situations.

The cut a long story short on one occasion I found myself one of 40 uniform police officers involved in a riot situation in London, where we faced 400 rioters who were throwing petrol bombs at us. The police hierarchy was inactive and had absolutely no idea how to deal with this group.

We as a group just got fed up with being cannon fodder and took matters into our own hands. We all became charging rhinos and ran at the crowd, which outnumbered us on a ratio of 10:1.

Believe me you could not have been in a group that was more determined and focused. Our decision to take up this rhino charge ended the riot within 5 minutes. This is just one example of getting on with things, rather than panicking and debating.

You see in our industry you can talk, plan, mastermind and plot all you like, but at some stage you need to crack on and attack to achieve some worthwhile goal here.

So, by all means, use intelligence and thought to build your businesses, but don’t ignore a full frontal attack, your rhino charge, as part of your success arsenal.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey