Are You Making Unreasonable Demands On Yourself?

Well, Are You Making Unreasonable Demands On Yourself?

Sometimes we expect more from yourself than is humanly possible. We make unreasonable demands on our network marketing business and this becomes a negative drain on our feelings, emotions, thoughts, and results. WHY? because we are impatient and want results yesterday, don’t we. Also it this applies to other areas of our life as well, not just our business.

We set outrageous goals, that we really know are nigh on impossible to achieve. This then becomes our get out clause or an excuse to fail in our game plan, because we really know there is absolutely no way we are going to reach our goal, mainly because the goal was lightly set in the first place.

A lot of times we feel that we should be doing much, much more and reaching success faster, but this is totally impractical, because of our busy schedules and already existing lifestyle.

But hang on a minute here, you started out in your career, whether that was training to be a Teacher, Doctor, Plumber or Accountant and you took at least 2 years, if not 5 years, to attain the necessary or required standards in your chosen field, to enable you to make a decent salary or succeed.

So why do you expect roaring success after just 2 months in this industry and put enormous pressure on yourself in the process. because unless you are a superstar you will not make it that quick. I am not saying that it can’t be done, but there are only going to be a handful of people who can really move that fast.and most of us are not that speedy. unreasonable demands

Why are you not chilling out a bit more, setting goals that are going to stretch you, but ones that are more achievable and also accepting that success takes as long as it takes. If you can actually do it in three months, wonderful, but for others, it may take years.

I think we should expect success, but we must understand how things work first so that we do not disappoint ourselves in the process. When I trained for the marathon I gave myself two whole years and I was spot on, timing wise, so maybe you need to back off slightly and give yourself permission to breathe.

So, do your very best to avoid making unreasonable demands on yourself, that in the long run will work against you, rather than for you. Trust me on this one and if you are looking for a place to stay, as in a great business opportunity, then give it time and be patient.

Bear in mind that for most people they have careers, which take up most of their time and so their network marketing business is for additional money initially and not to replace an existing income, which can come later on. 

First of all, you need to prove to yourself that the business you are in, is the right one for you, no matter how good it looks, when you first see it. You have to take small baby steps usually to build momentum gradually. We all know that speed is exciting, but you have to learn to be flexible with any time limits that you place on yourself.

I suggest setting some small goals first, so that you see that you are on the right track and moving forward. Obtain little successes first and then scale the business and your goals upwards gradually, until you can say the words confidently, ‘full steam ahead’ and be able to actually back that claim up.

The key is not to put unreasonable demands on yourself at any stage, because you should be enjoying the journey and not arriving at that place, having actually hated the journey. Yes, you have to graft and work hard, but not so that it becomes a chore. If you expect too much early on, then you will suffer big time and ultimately quit after a short while because you will become frustrated, impatient and bored.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey