You Must Be Hungry For Success

Are You Hungry For Success?

I am not really sure if you can call it ‘hungry for success’, because that phrase appears to suggest that there is greed involved. I suppose it depends on who you are and what you are willing to work towards.

I much prefer the phrase, ‘hungry for lifestyle’ because that is what the entrepreneur is trying to ensure or implement. Maybe it is all a play on words and it doesn’t really matter. 

You must have some really strong feelings or reasons to achieve anything of note in this world. I suppose we always get back to the core questions, which are, ‘What do you really want?’ and ‘Why do you want it?’

hungry for successAnother suggestion for the main phrase maybe ‘hungry like the wolves.’ which I believe was a song by the group Duran Duran. To be successful at anything you must want to win or reach a specific level and be prepared to do whatever you need to do to get there.

Believe it or not, to be hungry for success puts you in a very select band of people. A lot of people say that they want success, but very few ever actually make it, normally because their wants and persistence are just not large enough and most people just talk.

Passion for your hobby, business, ambition or project is the key to outrageous success. To be considered worthwhile, your passion or hunger must be strong enough to drive you forward across the finishing line.

I know that I am still ‘hungry for success’ and want more of what life can give me, not so that people can see look at me and see what I have accomplished, but to achieve sufficiently enough to satisfy my hunger to leave a substantial legacy for my three children.

But what about you? What is going to spur you into action, to hit it hard all day, day after day? To enter into the top 1% to 5% of earners, you will have to have a very compelling desire and reason to overcome all the challenges, hurdles and obstacles that will litter your path to glory.

Your desire could well be kept inside of you, so that only you know what it is and that is absolutely fine. I think that is your intentions and reasons which are the most important. 

For example, your want maybe to feed some children in Africa or build a water well. If these work for you then fantastic. If family fuels your passion that is wonderful. It really doesn’t matter what your own particular dreams are as long as they are your reasons.

The bottom line is this, you will get wherever it is you want to get to, achieve your goal and join those rare eagles and rhinos, if your desire is extremely strong and you are prepared to engage in battle and do what the failures are not prepared to do.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey 

Attraction Marketing System

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