Are You Focusing On Your Desire?

You Must Be Focusing On Your Desire?

Now, why would I talk about focusing on your desire? what do you think the reason would be?

Well, we all start different projects, follow our dreams and want to fulfill our ambitions etc, but the key here is what?

How much do you really want it? Because it has to be something you are totally passionate about, otherwise it probably won’t happen at all or if it does, the effect or result will be watered down and you will not be happy about the final outcome.

So desire and passion are key components in your results.

focus on your desireYou must absolutely love what you are going to do or are thinking of accomplishing in the future, otherwise, you may not like your results you get.

Personally, I have done this and I see many other people end up with crap results. Why? Because they are not really committed to achieving excellence in their chosen hobby or field of endeavor.

So let’s say that it is your dream to be a solicitor or lawyer, within 3 years, as an example. First of all, it is a lot of hard work, so you have to be passionate to the point of obsession, that this is the right thing for you and you will do whatever it takes to complete the necessary study/research and then pass the required examinations when they come up.

Most people, unfortunately, start out on their own specific journey to achieve something, talk up their chances, begin down the right road, but because they lack the application, persistence, and determination, they fail dismally.

So why do you think they end their interest, either very quickly or maybe a year down the road? I think it has all to do with being passionate about your proposed career, your interests or your ideas.

I remember starting a new career, just before I left the police, and I wanted to remain in the legal profession. I did all the necessary things and passed the first examination with flying colors. But I couldn’t motivate myself to get going to complete parts two and three. WHY?

So I sat back and asked myself some serious questions and the fact remained that I could do the job as easy as anything and pass the examinations as well, but I realized that I would not love what I was going to do, so I immediately quit, which was the right thing to do.

I soon understood what I wanted to do and that involved working in the home business industry (a passion of mine) and to become a nutrition advisor, again one of my true passions. By following my passions it became easy to do what was required to learn these subjects.

So look at this question before you waste any more time, ‘Are you focusing on your desire?’ If you are then fantastic because this is the only way I can see anyone achieving outstanding results.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


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