Creating Positive Change Is The Way Forward

Are You Creating Positive Change In Your Life And Business?

I think we all agree that we are either standing still or we are moving forward, so as human beings we need to be always creating positive change of some sort, wouldn't you agree?

It is not only about our businesses where we should be concentrating our efforts.

You cannot just take care of one area of your life and forget the other areas.
creating positive change

Creating positive change is a mindset shift and it requires us to work at things every day.

Are You Creating Positive Change In Yourself?

I think that this must be the starting point though.

It is all about the ripple effect and as you improve your thoughts, actions, mindset and outlook on life, it will spread similar to an infectious disease, but this time the contagion will be a fantastic one.

I mean who likes to be around a grumpy person and no, I am not referring to myself here.

So how do you create positive change in your world?

Take a good look at who you spend the most time with, what you read and watch on a regular basis.

If you waste time with negative people, then of course this will have an adverse effect on your world. Also really examine what you watch, if it consists of war, violence and the news, then you may wish to change things, your choice though.

You must be totally aware of what some of these things are doing to you.

Are You Creating Positive Change Within Your Family?

Everything has a knock on effect on you and your family. Now you cannot control what your partner does, influence probably, but control definitely not. So friendly discussions may be the order of the day, not to attack the other person, but maybe just to help.

But you do have a certain amount of parental control with what your children watch, do and read.

You must pay attention to these areas, not in a dictatorial way, but in a nurturing way. Again awareness is absolutely crucial when observing what the kids are doing.

The work you do in the early years will pay dividends for the youngsters later on in their lives.

The pay off for the family is that the environment and atmosphere will remain an excellent place to spend time together.

Remember good clean fun and laughter must be the order of the day, always, well as much as possible.

Are You Creating Positive Change Within Your Team?

This is also another area where you need to pay some attention, in order to ensure that the atmosphere remains outstanding.

It starts from the top and cascades down in torrents. What you do will be duplicated and if you get things wrong it can destroy organizations, groups or teams.

Remember only positive stuff goes down the line. If there is some negative things that need to be addressed then this must always be completed by going upwards, never sideways or downwards.

It is not so much about control as being in a totally thriving environment. People need to feel that the team is a place where they can grow, feel good and learn.

The leader is the most influential person here and must set the pace and the ambience within a winning team.

Negative garbage will help destroy any group of people and the group will self destruct very rapidly, if it allowed to.

Unfortunately the majority of people love insidious gossip, so it should not never be allowed or tolerated, within a group setting.

In Summary

Why is creating positive change so vital in life? Positive change prevents the breakdown of you your family and any group of people.

Because, if the rot sets in, then it becomes a snowball going down the snow packed hill. It gets faster, gets bigger and is impossible to stop once started.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey