Are You Committed To Success?

Committed To Success Should Be Written Everywhere

Committed to success? Only you know the answer to this question, don’t you?

I think everyone’s description of commitment will be completely different, but I am sure there will be some similarities if we were to lay our lists side by side.

Here are some examples of commitment:

The first one that comes to mind is the young swimmer, the Olympic hopeful, who gets up at 5 am every morning and enters into some daily grueling training sessions in the pool consistently.

Maybe it is the small business owner who plows all his time and money into getting a franchise or traditional style business off of the ground. Working from early in the morning to the last thing at night, showing a fantastic commitment of another sort.

committed to success
What about you? Are you committed to success, your success?

If so, what is that you do that makes you stand out from the crowd?

It does depend on who you are and what you desire from your life. Most people never ever fall into the category of a committed person. Why is that?

Well, first of all, they lack great inner drive

(look at the quote below). This has to be one of the first components of the success route or achievement journey. A great inner drive or very strong reason(s) is the thing that will keep you going when you just want to stay in bed. The swimmer who is exhausted and sees all his or her friends sleeping in every day and going out enjoying themselves at the weekend, instead of allowing their passion, energy, consistency, and persistence to shine through.
You know some people haven’t even got the attitude to pick up a book, let alone study and finish it.

Are you committed to success?

It is a rare person who shows the commitment to completion. Most people start and you are lucky if they get a third of the way. That is the way of the majority and not the minority.

Now there have been times when I have been part of the majority, but now I am most definitely a minority who is prepared for war (commitment) and to do whatever it takes to achieve my dream. Personally, I am a winner, but the key here is not me but you.

What are you going to starting today to move towards achieving your ambitions?

Maybe it is to start that course that you have always wanted to do. It could be to run that marathon or to write that book.

In most cases, there are no excuses, except those we conjure up in our minds.


To Your Success

Paul Bursey


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