Are You Being Authentic Within Your Business?

So, Are You Being Authentic Or Not?

I think it is an extremely important to be authentic when building a business, such as a network marketing business. Mainly because being authentic is all you are. You are totally unique and there will never be another you.

So, what does being authentic mean? You have to be a reliable person and someone who people can trust all the time.are you being authentic

A great way to achieve authenticity is not trying to copy another leader. By all means, watch, listen and learn from the successful ones, but be totally genuine, promoting and working on building your own brand.

Now obviously early on in your marketing efforts, you will probably use other leaders videos and that is okay. There will be other things you may use, which aren’t yours, whilst you are learning your trade and that is fine as long as you are doing things for yourself and gradually replacing the leader with your own material until you are the alpha leader.

The way I see things, being an ex-detective, is just doing things that are unquestionable and in total integrity. It really means is about not misrepresenting yourself, your product or your company. 

So let’s talk about examples of basically telling lies in order to market yourself. These lies or mistruths are total misrepresentations of the truth and should be halted immediately.

Some people state that they are millionaires when they haven’t managed to make $100, things like that. Another lack of authenticity is when a company brings out a new product, takes $1000s of dollars from unsuspecting and honest people and then delays that new product indefinitely.

You are going to make honest mistakes. If you do, then apologise and refund but don’t hoodwink people. Do the very best you can to do the right thing by people, be yourself in everything you do and just be trustworthy.

So, are you being authentic online? I will let you answer that yourself my friends.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey