Are You Becoming More Confident Every Day?

Are You Becoming More Confident As You Progress?

There are confident, unconfident people and a boatload of others floating at various levels of confidence in between.

So do you know where you would come on a sliding scale of confidence? 10 being super confident and 1 being totally unconfident.

Confidence levels are completely different for everybody and we would all fit somewhere into this sea of confidence.

are you becoming more confidentNow some people will be very happy about their confidence and how they have progressed. Others will be very unimpressed with how their confidence has either dipped rapidly or that it hasn’t improved at all.

Personally, I was a confident person until 2009 when I had a massive dip in my own confidence.

Sometimes there isn’t a reason that you can identify why. I certainly didn’t know why I went from super confident to really an unconfident person.

Anyway, what I and many others wanted was to be able to increase our confidence on a daily basis.

It took me a bit of time to get back on track, but I can report that I probably at 95% of my former confident self. But I know that I must work on myself every day in some way.

So it is all about developing some excellent daily habits and then ensuring that you implement these outstanding habits, in order to get to that place of ultimate confidence.

So what can you do now to boost your self-confidence?

Well, for me it was about fast results, so I did the following one thing:-

I purchased “Instant Confidence” by Paul Mckenna, This is a book and a 27-minute mind programming CD.

I used this CD for a period of 30 days and I found it a great start to improving my confidence.

It was the effect of listening to this CD for a period of 30 days that increased my confidence by leaps and bounds.

As my confidence increased it spilled over into every area of my life gradually and it is all about taking some action to make things better.

I do not know what specific thing is going to get things moving for you, but the key is to do something today not tomorrow. When you find what works for you, pour it on day and night to improve your confidence.

Good luck!

If someone asked me the question now, “Are you becoming more confident?” I would say that I have had a few blips since then, but generally, my confidence has remained rock solid.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


Are you becoming more confident?