Are You As Committed And Determined As You Were?

Are You As Committed And Determined As You Were? So Does It Feel The Same As The Beginning?

I think that you know there are going to be highs and lows during your network marketing adventure. There will be good times and maybe even some bad, who knows? Sometimes things will go right and at other times it can go horribly wrong.

I believe that if your attitude is spot on, you stick to the game plan and your goals, most times will be good ones. You must be ready for the spikes in good fortune and the ups and downs of our profession. If you are nearly always upbeat, then the downs will be few.

Even The Most Committed And Determined Have Dips.

What must remain intact is your commitment, drive and determination. It is very easy to let things slip, when confronted with bumps in the road. But this is where the winners excel, in the trenches.

Understand that there may well be times when you want to quit or say to yourself, “Do I really want this?” This is quite normal whilst building your network marketing business, most people go through it at some stage.

You must also realize that everyone goes through these dips, just accept that it will happen and you will get through it quite quickly. Just hang in there, rest, recuperate, recharge your batteries and come back stronger than ever.

Always Go Back To The Basics

I think that one of the big keys is communication, between you and your upline leaders, accountability partners and your coach or mentor.

If you are regularly in contact with them, then the troughs, minefields and the dips will be few and far between. The ones that do jump in your way will be shorter and will have less impact.

Remember if certain things are not working for you then change or alter them. Review your game plan, goals and your actions, to see if they can’t be improved in some way.are-you-as-committed-and-determined-as-you-were

I would strongly suggest keeping a journal, not only for recording ideas, innovation, creativity and inspirational things, but also so you can keep a record of the basic things that you are implementing, the fundamentals.

In Summary

Expect the best and expect success, but know that dips will come along and challenge your commitment and determination. Stay in the game and seek guidance from professionals within your field.

If you find yourself under pressure of any sort, then chill out, take a break or go on vacation. Stay sharp and you will win. You must show lots of resolve and unwavering courage to overcome the hurdles that this business will throw at you.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

Are You As Committed And Determined As You Were?