Pioneer Of The Future Or Guardian Of The Past?

Are You A Pioneer Of The Future?

What does being a ‘pioneer of the future’ actually mean? Oh I am so digging myself a great big hole here, but hey, what the heck.

In my opinion, being a ‘pioneer of the future’ is all about thinking progressively when moving forward. I listen to many people who appear to be stuck in the past and not prepared to drag themselves into the 21st century and use the best methods available to get where they want to go. Now that can mean using new ways or the old ways, as long as whatever way you use is the most effective one.

Now it is great that you are showing grit and determination, but use up to date vehicles to get you where you want to go and not outdated methods old technologies. Smoke signals are effective, but not if you are thinking globally. I much prefer a laptop and cell phone myself. Adopting a pioneer of the future’ viewpoint can be useful and one of the best ways forward.

Now I fully understand that there are principles and methodologies that still work today in 2012 from many years ago and that is absolutely fine, but some people are still using a wagon when an RV is more preferable. The only problem with the wagon is that the wheels are more liable to come off if you stay in that rut continually.

You understand that this has nothing to do with real wagons, it is just an analogy. This is about moving with the times and using all relevant material and tools, that are widely available, to get  the job completed in half the time of the future
Being a ‘pioneer of the future’ is about remaining sharp, alert and developing the ability to innovate, adapt and be creative. You have to accept though that a webinar is no substitute for a great smile, when you are face to face with someone though. 

Yes you can be a pioneer of the future’ but It is most definitely a balancing act. You cannot afford to discount any useful way or method to get things done efficiently, but you must be awake to various possibilities, new inventions, and powerful ideas, that could possibly be better for you in the long run.

Always consider which is the most productive way to go, what is the most efficient piece of equipment to employ or what is the most effective type of media to use. These are just examples and it will always depend on what you are trying to achieve, but ensure that you are totally flexible in your approach to the future and always think progressively.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

Pioneer of the future.