Are You A Part Of Someone Else’s Agenda?

I Hate Being Part Of Someone Else’s Agenda?

From my experiences most people help to complete another person’s agenda. Now some of these agendas are quite normal and acceptable, such as day care and schools etc. You A Part Of Someone Else’s Agenda?

Toddlers, children and teenagers are basically either guided or conditioned to be part of something much bigger.

Some people say that this is normal way of living and up to a point I agree. We must have a degree of control and excellent discipline when we are moving through those formative years.

There are even agendas when we move on to college, university or our early employments. Again, when people are younger they tend to go with the flow.

But The Agendas Keep On Coming.

If people then go on to join the armed forces or become a police officer, they have to accept that they are part of some agenda. I did that for nearly 33 years and it was alright up to a point.

But at some point in an person’s life, which will be unique to every individual, the worm starts to turn. They have had enough of being controlled and ordered about.someone-elses-agenda

The average person does not want to comply with a lunch break or be told when they can go on vacation anymore. They become increasingly agitated and disillusioned with their lot in life.

People Want To Ditch Enforced Agendas And Seek An Escape Route.

It is then that they start searching for a complete change, an exit plan or a way out. But what are their alternatives?

You see the majority of people will stay in their current occupation, keep the status quo and run scared of change. They accept that things are never going to change for them.

What about you then? Have you reached that impasse, that crucial time or point in your life or that fork in the road?

You know, the one where you have to decide whether to play safe or take a bit of a risk? If so, what are you going to do about it?

Network Marketing Could Be That Chance You Have Been Waiting For.

My strong suggestion would be to check out network marketing out. Why?

1. It can be highly lucrative, if you take it seriously enough and have the right attitude and work ethic.

2. You can build it up to replace your current income before you quit and in your time frame.

3. You become the boss and can work wherever and whenever you like.

Those three reasons alone would motivate me enough so that I took a good hard look at in order to find out whether it was for me or not.

Wealthy entrepreneurs such as Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki, Bill Gates and Donald Trump all agree that network marketing is a great way to build wealth.

Go on take the plunge and take a comprehensive look now, today. It may well be your answer.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

Are You A Part Of Someone Else’s Agenda?