Are There Any Limits To What Is Possible?

Are There Any Limits For You Personally?


Are there any limits? My friend JT states this, “There are no limits to one’s success other than what they believe is possible.”

So let us move this around to you so that you answer this for yourself. Because that is the reason you are reading this, isn’t it?are there any limits

Take a look at what you have achieved in your life and see if you have had to stretch for a goal or had to really work hard to get to a certain point?

I personally believe that anyone can achieve far more than they ever thought possible IF they understand that there are no limits, no boundaries and nothing holding you back instead of yourself.

I have just started a new business opportunity and within the first week, I could see $500,000 a year. But isn’t that a form of limiting your beliefs in some way.

I spent time on the telephone with the number one earner in this company and he is a multi-millionaire from this one business. Just that one telephone call immediately increased my thinking to a million plus a year. (I did say to him to expect a telephone call from me each week, so I could keeping raising the ceiling on my expectations)

But more importantly, what are you going to do starting today to raise your expectations and start moving towards the level of success that you want? 

You see there is only one you, you are totally unique. Now Is going down the local bar and speaking to your good friend Harry going to take you where you want to go or do you need to be speaking to the right type of person in order to remove the worst two words in the dictionary, “If only…”

The grains of sand are moving folks. There are a lot of them but who knows how many are in your hourglass, hopefully many, but….

So anything is possible and there are no limits.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


Are there any limits?

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