An Anxious Mind Can Defeat You Permanently

An Anxious Mind Will Never Serve You

We have all had times when we have been face to face with situations that can become emotionally draining. As network marketers this can be discouraging, disheartening and distressing, although it isn’t directly to do with your business. An anxious mind can be very stressful if left unchecked.

Now it is suggested and quite rightly so, to stay away from negative people, drama and energy sucking people. However there are times when you are confronted with something emotional that completely derails you and your business, albeit temporarily.

In my case, it was my rock and confidante, my 89 year old Mother who telephoned me and said, “I am being held hostage by my Father (loving husband) and he won’t let me go home to my husband.” It hit me like a hammer blow, because dementia can be alarming and perplexing.

Are You Going To Battle On Regardless?

There are a lot of people out there who would tell you to grin and bear it, carry on regardless or suppress your feelings. But the problem is that we all made of different stuff, so I decided to take a bit of time off, so I could deal with it in my own way and settle my mind. Having an anxious mind is not calming or relaxing.

When things are that close to home and it involves a loved one, I personally believe it is better to face up to whatever is happening and deal with it as soon as possible. In this case I did just that and I came back quicker and stronger, rather than let it drag me down over a long period of

The key is not to let incidents block your path to success, face them head on, integrate them into your present life (especially in the case of my Mother) and learn to handle it, rather than shoving it under the carpet, because it will always emerge at a later date.

In Summary

It is okay to become distressed, shook up or worried sick for a short while, but don’t remain or stay there. Make a commitment to be strong, courageous and brave, say to yourself, “Bring it on.” No matter what the adversity is. An anxious mind needs a release of some kind.

It isn’t going to change the problem or obstacle, but what will change will be your emotional state, your attitude and the empowerment that you will feel having dealt with it promptly.

The giant may sometimes be blocking your progress. So slay the dragon or make him your friend, either way don’t side step the issue, otherwise you may have to say goodbye to your dream. It may be upsetting and unsettling but know that you can do this.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey