Learn Grow And Act. Andy Murray Had To Do This

Learn Grow And Act In Order To Win

Yesterday we witnessed history in the making when the world number 2 tennis ace Andy Murray won the mens singles title at Wimbledon. Learn grow and act.

It had been 77 years since a British male had won at Wimbledon. Yes, it was the same year as Jessie Owens won gold medals at the Berlin Olympics in 1936. Not too long then.

For Andy Murray though, it was the culmination of many years of graft, sweat and tears for him and his entourage of family and professional support team. Murray stated on twitter, “Can’t believe what’s just happened!!!!”

But when you get right down to it, there were many years of dreaming, planning, practice and execution, that had to come together in order to reach the pinnacle of success.

If you then add a remarkable talented man to the mix, you can start to understand how a champion is born.

Was it worth watching LIVE, well a pair of tickets sold for an amazing $126,000 (84,000 pounds).learn-grow-and-act

Now we know that there are many topics we could speak about here, but let us look at two areas that needed conquering before the achievement could be reached:-

Learning Was The First Order Of The Day

Andy Murray, had to knuckle down and learn his trade, even at a very young age. He had to become a professional and was guided down a specific path or track, in order to avoid the many distractions a youngster would be confronted with.

This track would have encompassed a massive time investment in continual practice. They say that an expert can be formed with the investment of 10,000 hours.

To be Wimbledon Champion would take three or four times that amount of hours. So the sacrifices made by Andy Murray and his family over the years, were immense.

Now obviously when Murray started out at the beginning of his quest, his raw skill was probably evident, but his supreme technique and skills were honed and crafted over a long period of time.

Murray Then Had To Grow As An Individual

Although the investment and sacrifices were tremendous, they would have been totally wasted if Andy Murray had not worked seriously on his attitude, self image and psyche.

The mental side of sport, in many ways is more important than the practice. Yes you have to put the hours into what you hope to accomplish, but without working on the mental side, forget it.

He would have to work on things like his focus, temperament and relaxation. Now we know that to be a top tennis player will require explosive power, but the skill of calming the mind straight after a mistake or error is amazing and takes a lot of practice.

Raw talent and mindset is not enough to make it to the very top in tennis. A big part of the investment that Andy Murray would have had to make would have been in the physical department.

Working all the muscle groups day in and day out, coupled together with aerobic and anaerobic exercise, would all be required for endurance purposes.

Network Marketing Is No Different

When we start anything worthwhile we have hopes, dreams and desires. Everyone starts, but few finish. WHY?

Go through the above paragraphs again and understand that you as an individual need to become a professional at what you do. Now you will not have to spend as many hours as Andy Murray in order to become a pro, but 10,000 hours may well do the trick for you.

Get your mind in the right gear and practice, practice and practice even more. Any Network Marketer can achieve what they want, but they have to be prepared to use their talents and sweat equity in order to win.

For you to win in network marketing requires you to learn, grow and act. Learn all that needs to be done, on an ongoing basis. Grow as a person, both mentally and physically (one without the other just doesn’t work) and act the part.

Do whatever is required to become a true professional at what you love doing.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Originally written in July 2013. Andy Murray has gone on to win Wimbledon in 2016 as well.

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