Motivation Is Not Enough

Amazingly Motivation Is Not Enough

Motivation is not enough. I honestly thought motivation was enough, but I found that it is a bit like a yoyo, up and down.

Motivation is not enough. It is the consistency of motivation that counts. Motivation needs to be constant, consistent and kept at a very high level for long periods of time

Everyone States That They Are Motivated

Anyone can say that they are motivated to do something and to be fair most do just that, but the problem is not the first few days or weeks.

it is the fourth week, the third month or the second year. Most people struggle to keep it going and keep it turned on. The after burners are turned off and coasting mode takes over.

Motivation will definitely crank the old engine up and get you going. For the elite athletes, entrepreneurs, top achievers and high level business people, motivation doesn’t seem to be too much of a challenge or problem.motivation-is-not-enough

But for the average person, their motivation wanes and their focus diminishes, their believe decreases and their glorious project starts on it’s descent or decline, rather like a snowball that gathers momentum of the wrong kind.

Select An Enterprise That Rocks Your World

The key is to find a project that just lights you up, gets you moving into high gear and keeps you there. Find out what your own hot button is and work it.

If your motivation starts to die, then just maybe you should consider finding something else to focus on.

Network marketing like anything else worthwhile is a committed and intense arena.

For most network marketers, their success must be built on passion, fun, excitement and momentum. The opportunity must be top notch, which then allows tremendous growth and rapid momentum.

To Summarize

NETWORK MARKETING TIP: Find the thing that you love doing and add it together with some really strong reasons why you would want to do it. These will be absolutely unique to you as an individual or couple.

This will definitely take care of consistency of motivation and the big hurdles of immediate stagnation, continued neglect and future withdrawal.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey