Seek The Best Candidates

Do You Always Seek The Best Candidates

I hope you always search for the best in everything that you start, attempt or work on. This really applies when you are looking for qualified partners for your network marketing business and I am sure it also is extremely relevant in many other areas as well. seek the best candidates.

Why should you always shoot for the moon and search for the best people that are available? Because to do otherwise is a waste of time, energy sapping and very costly in the long term.  

Let me share with you our findings from the last week of our network marketing recruiting. We spoke to many prospective partners and our ads were pitched at a very high income range. What did this do for us?

Well the quality of the dialogue was top notch, mainly because we were seeking the best. It is fun and quite freeing being able to talk to people on a high level, who are on the same page. It helps make the conversations flow, because most of the time you are speaking to sensible forward thinking the best candidates

In fact I would never, ever go back and lower my standards, by talking to anyone with low or middle of the road ambitions. I want to talk to people who have some fight, passion and the desire to earn big money. What about you? Do you lower your standards when talking to prospects?

I hope you always seek the best candidates by upping your game, your goals, your ambitions and your professional standards. 

Ensure that during your network marketing journey you find out what to say, how to say it and become very proficient at talking to new people. It starts with your attitude and posture, flows through a top quality advert and then extends to the conversations you have. In other words you always start as you mean to carry on and this is duplicable for everyone, which is great for leverage.

Do not accept anything but the best in all areas of your business and always seek the best candidates. 

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

Seek the best candidates

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