Search For The Aces

Why Would I Say Always Search For The Aces?

I hope that you always look for the very best candidates when you are recruiting prospective team members for your home business. You know who the aces are. They are the ones who ask quality questions and don’t have to be lead to drink to for the aces

So who am I looking for? Well, you are not looking for just anyone, are you? You should be engaged in some form of sorting before you invest any time in talking with possible partners.

Here is a word of warning for you and that is to invest your time wisely and do not let the tire kickers rob you of your precious seconds, minutes and hours. If you waste time with the wrong people you will become jaded and they will drain your energy away very rapidly.

So spend all of your time with the very best, the aces, those people who are fun to be around and are the ones that you do not have to motivate all of the time.

So how do I spot the aces, you might say? Use your gut feeling and your sixth sense. Aim for people who are enthusiastic about life and want to change their financial circumstances now, not next year.

The moment that you have to convince prospects about your opportunity or drag people to attend physical or virtual meetings, you are wasting your time. let the numbers work for you and promote the hell out of everything.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


Search for the aces.