Always Have High Expectations

Why Have High Expectations?

You should always have high expectations in order to create a high level of excitement in your life. We all need to inject some regular enthusiasm into our lives and this is a great way of keeping your vibrations at a very high level.

It is a bit like being a coach or manager of a sports team. If you are not extremely motivated and have high expectations, then I can guess how well your team is going to do and how many trophies that they are going to win, maybe none.

Low expectations will not stir your soul to even get out of bed, whereas high expectations will have you getting up an hour earlier and going to bed later.always have high expectations

So what high expectations are you going to have for yourself moving forward?

I remember when I was a manager of a soccer team and we came second in the league championship in the top division. There were two divisions and the top two teams from each division would meet in a playoff to determine who was the best overall.

Now the team that we had finished second to, were an excellent team and really deserved to be champions. To be fair they had been outstanding all year and had been unbeaten.

The playoff semi-finals were won by that team and my team, so the final was between us.

Now did I say to my team we had no chance of beating that team? No, I set about finding a way of beating them. I found out everything about them and made good notes.

Normally I would have been playing as a team member, but on this occasion, I took myself out of the equation, as tough as that was. I wanted to win this game and needed to concentrate on tactics.

Before the game, I set most players an individual task and told the team what I wanted them to do collectively. I mapped it out in minute detail and said to them, “If you stick to the game plan to the letter you will be 5 – 0 up at halftime. You have to trust me on this one.”

The team went out on the field against technically better-equipped players and implemented my plan, almost to the letter.

Guess what happened, well we were 5 – 0 up at the end of the first half. The team came in at halftime and most of them came in and said, “How did you know that we would be leading at halftime 5 – 0”

I said, “Number one I believed that you were capable of beating this side. Number two I knew their weaknesses and knew your capabilities. Number three¬† you followed my plan, it was that simple.”

We ended up winning 7 – 1 and won the trophy. I think my team was still shell-shocked when they came back in the dressing room at the end of the game, but it all came about because I had high expectations, which I sold them on and they then had the same high expectations.

So don’t just settle for mediocre expectations, go for the goals that are just out of your reach, so that you have to stretch to attain them.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


Always have high expectations.

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