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Always Do Your Best?

You hear people say, 'always do your best.' a lot of the time, but what does it mean to you? Because that is what is important, isn't it? The bottom line is, you know when you have given it your very best effort and really could not have done anymore. 

I know there have been many times when I have played soccer and basically been very lazy and won. There have been other times when I worked extremely hard and lost a game. You know when you have done your best and you cannot hide or disguise the truth to others and more crucially you cannot lie to yourself when you do not step up to the mark. Because if you care sufficiently enough you may well feel sick inside when you have been ineffective, due to your poor work rate.

You can be the best at what you do and still not be anywhere near peak performance and to be fair you will know in your heart of hearts whether you have given it your best shot. When you 'do your best' you feel great, when you don't you normally feel that you have let yourself down.

do your bestI think the key thing here is having the ability to analyze your performance on a day to day basis. Always give it your absolute best, so that you can feel satisfied at the end of the day. Being open and honest with yourself will help when seeking improvement in your performance.

So it means not giving a half hearted effort or being lazy in any way. If you are not going to do your best, why would you bother to start in the first place? 

Now when you are below par, make sure you identify the amount of work that you have failed to undertake and promise yourself that the next day it will be at the level that you want from yourself.

A word of warning here, do not attack yourself with negative self talk,if you are lazy or unprofessional. because it may well have a devastating effect moving forward. Be honest and accept the lack of performance and move on. If we are not careful we can seriously affect our future actions and success, if we attack our lack of effort or results too harshly.

Remember even the finest and cream of the crop have off days and look absolutely useless on occasions. It is a bit like a boxer getting knocked down, they have to drag themselves back to their feet and carry on regardless.

One of the best ways of avoiding a succession of bad days is by engaging an accountability partner to keep you on track, someone who you can chat to on a regular basis, be truthful, share your actions and performance with. If they are good at what they do they will steer you back on course.

So 'just do your best' when taking part in any sport, business or endeavor. Do not let  laziness, indifference or a poor attitude seep into your life and cause problems to occur. You will get it wrong sometimes and that is okay, just don't let it become habit forming. If you have a bad day, just shake it off and come back fighting.

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