Always Believe In Yourself No Matter What

Do You Always Believe In Yourself?

I suspect that you don’t because it is quite natural for people to be quite negative in how they think about themselves and with their incessant monkey chatter, you know that constant voice in your mind that tells you how bad things are and how everything will go wrong.

So, how do you develop that state of mind known as belief, believing not only in yourself but in what you are doing as well? So that you always believe in yourself.

Well, I think one of the things you can do is to begin to eliminate the monkey chatter because this can have devastating effects on your daily performance.

always believe in yourself

This self-depreciating talk or negative monkey chatter can be reduced to an absolute minimum if you take certain steps starting NOW! today.

Have your goals where you can see them regularly, in your office, the fridge, the bathroom on the mirror and on goal cards that you carry about with you, so you can refer to them at any time.

You have to seriously be careful of what you are listening to and watching. Listen to some uplifting music, audio recordings and watch positive DVDs and movies.

Be cautious about who you are talking to on a regular basis. Pick your confidantes, friend and business associates very wisely. This is where you pick the very best people to join your imaginary board of directors and select the wisest people for your real mastermind group.

Read at least 30 minutes every day. I know that you hear this all of the time, but are you actually implementing this strategy into your day. You have to trust me here when I saw that these things will absolutely transform your life.

Write in your success journal daily. Again this is will be critical for you as you will only write the good stuff in your journal for success. It is more time spent away from the monkey chatter.

There are other things you can do to stay away from negative self-talk and the negative vibes given off by well-meaning relatives. Things like avoiding all people who spread the crap into your mind on a regular basis and watching the news on TV.

So I think you can see how you can get going to stop the negative inner voice affecting your life.

Oh and don’t forget good old exercise as well. Believe me, it is quite difficult being negative when you are running. If you are walking then consider using an ipod.

If you continue to listen to that garbage that we all hear or create in our heads, then you can guess what will happen. As Zig Ziglar said, “Garbage in garbage out.”

Remember always believe in yourself moving forward and stop the mind rot as best you can.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey