All That Matters Is What You Do Now

All That Matters Are Your Actions Today

All that matters is this minute. What happened yesterday and last week is history. If you had a bad day, week or month, ignore it mentally. Don’t keep referring back to it and allowing it to become this mental monster that destroys your confidence.

Each day is a new 24 hours and you should treat it so. You should attack each day with relish and freshness. I remember times when I was an athlete that things went badly wrong, but I made sure that it was never carried onto the next training session. A negative attitude will allow procrastination to seep into your world.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you eliminate the bad days completely, because you need to learn from them. you have to review what happened, improve your performance the next day and just move on. The only way that you can do this is be taking a look at what you are currently doing and then tweaking and trying out different approaches and techniques.

The key is to always be moving progressively forward. However what most people do is drag up the past and let the mistakes ace their future.all that matters

You have to let the bad times go and replace them with good times. All that matters is that you gain momentum and improve daily. It is the same in any career, sport, education or business.

In network marketing you may have been talking to a prospect the day before and completely said the wrong thing to him or her. It doesn’t really matter, because you learn from your experience and get better for next time.

As a network marketer you need to speak to a lots of people, make errors and move a little closer towards becoming competent.

Is it uncomfortable for you? Of course it is, that is what separates you from the herd. Most people won’t like rejection and feeling like a fool. The winners will go through all of that and come out the other end a champion. What about you?

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Paul Bursey

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