Aim High Challenge Yourself

Aim High Challenge Yourself To Win

Aim high challenge yourself. How does that heading make you feel?I know how I felt, excited. What about you?

I think any progressive person would want to aim as high as they could, but they may not be the case in your world, up until now and you may well ask, why would I want to aim high and what are the advantages of aiming high, rather than aiming at what I know I can do?aim high challenge yourself

First of all aiming high is EXCITING and sets your pulse going. If you are not looking to go as high as you can, you may not be inspired enough and quit very quickly. If your reasons for doing something are not strong enough, then I can tell you what results you will end up with. Poor goals will produce poor results.

Second, your goal should always be just out of your reach so it stretches you.

You can imagine someone on tiptoes trying to reach something and there is someone just continually pushing it just that little bit higher. Imagine a person saying to you, ‘You can do it, just keep reaching for the stars and you will get there.’ If it is too easy, everyone and his dog will be able to get there and this will devalue the achievement.

Third, if you aim at the moon you may well reach the top of the trees. In other words, you may not end up with your goal but you will have improved tremendously and this will assist you on the continuing journey to the moon.

Aiming high will drive you on through the ups and downs, the obstacles and problems. If can tell you as an athlete, if I had set poor targets or goals then I just would not have bothered to start my quest. Also, as you work towards your lofty goal, this will inspire your team members to aim higher as well.

So, what about challenging yourself, where does that fit in to the jigsaw?

Well after you have set the large and seemingly out of reach goal, you will need to start planning. Plans are just a set of smaller goals which will act like cement and fill the gaps up between where you are now and where you want to go.

The goal here is set yourself daily tasks, challenge yourself to excel each day, each week and each month. You see as you are building your dream or ambition you are setting small challenges regularly, which, if done correctly will propel you to your higher goal.

What you are looking for are continuous daily incremental improvements, time after time, day after day. This how you become persistent, consistent and professional at what you do. You add tenacity to the mix and you are well on the way to success,

You do not have to only challenge yourself either. You can do this on a team basis or use a buddy system, where you challenge each other to improve. It really doesn’t matter how you achieve this but somewhere along the line, you will have to challenge either yourself or another.

Also if you mix and match this, it will make it extremely interesting as well. So hopefully I have wetted your appetite to aim high and challenge yourself. But the real inspiration must come from within, you know, the drive, energy, and passion. These are all internal and must be produced by yourself.

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Aim high challenge yourself

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