Adopt An Attitude

Adopt An Attitude If You Want To Win. Is That Right?

You must adopt an attitude of some description, if you are to become a success in any project, endeavour or sport, but is it all about winning? I suspect that it is not all about the will to win. However I suppose it depends on what attitude or attitudes you acquire on the journey and what winning means to you individually.

Winning for me was and is a personal thing and has nothing to do with something like boxing for example, where the goal is to batter your prey into submission as quickly as possible. I used to be a boxer for a couple of years and I took my fair share of blows to the head (no quips please), but it taught me that to win you had to be tough, sharp, fit, aware and use your mind as well. But I found that winning was fantastic in any sport or event, but it wasn’t enough for me.

Adopt An Attitude Of Gratitude  

It wasn’t enough for me because I wasn’t grateful in any way. Now I am grateful for what I have in my life, what I already have and for the fact that after many years I am still able to engage in most sports, as I have managed to avoid any serious injuries. I am extremely thankful for my excellent health and long may it extend in many more fruitful yearsadopt the attitude

Yes you want to win in the game of life, but gratitude is a major key to your success, believe me. 

So can you achieve and win without gratitude? Yes of course you can, but I can tell you that winning with gratitude wins every day, rather than just winning in itself for winning’s sake.

I am now starting to take time to smell the roses, which I have ignored most of my life and I am grateful for my family, friends and the small things in life, such as the birds, mountains and forests etc.

Adopt A Giving Attitude

Gratitude was difficult for me to grasp and bring into my life for many years and it is something that i have to work on, but being able to adopt the giving attitude was very easy for me, as I had practised it all my life

I think that to be a leader in any field you must to be prepared to give your time, your experience and your service to others, especially where there are large numbers of people involved, such as network marketing.

However as you become well known and in demand, your time has to be controlled to a large degree and this is where leverage comes into play.

The key here is having the ability to assist others and the attitude that you are willing to help people along the way.

Adopt A Positive Mental Attitude

One very important quality is learning an ongoing skill of being able to adopt a positive metal attitude. For me this means letting nothing phase you or at least very little. Keeping your ego in check and remaining cool, calm and collected, most of the time. It is about your persistence and consistence in relation to personal development, improving and feeding your mind regularly. adopt an attitude

It is about how you conduct yourself on a day to day basis and how you project this towards others. It is about the feel good factor and learning how to cope with stressful situations in the best way possible.

This isn’t about adopting a ‘Tinkerbell’ or ‘Stuart Little’ philosophy, it is about realising that things can go wrong during your day and the need to be flexible and roll with the punches. Maybe saying to yourself, ‘That is just one of those things that happen.’ and then moving onwards and upwards.

Adopt A Winning Attitude

There is room to adopt a winning attitude, the do or die, I will do whatever it takes syndrome, but most of the time it is all inside of you and not an outward expression of aggression or saying something like, ‘I beat you into the ground.’ If this is the case then you are barking up the wrong tree.

It is internally adopting a steely and quietly confident posture, being prepared to batten down the hatches and dig in for the long haul, not being half hearted. Knowing that winners don’t just stop what they are doing if something bad or unexpected happens, they keep on keeping on until they arrive at their destination.

Adopt A Stoical Attitude

Adopting a stoical attitude is about developing some mental toughness within your life and this can be a toughie for some people.  It is all about dealing with demands of life, but it doesn’t mean shutting people out and not displaying your feelings. It relates to a calm acceptance about everything that happens and being unaffected by events and staying on track.

I found a great article on mental toughness, which you may wish to read, but only if your come back 

Mental toughness is not only for those sports events either, it covers your personal life and it is not reserved for only one specific area, but all areas of your life. It has more to do with your emotional intelligence, which can have a massive impact in your ability to become mentally tough.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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