Action Makes You Confident

Action Makes You Confident And Brave

Taking action makes you confident and improves your courage as well. We all have things that we fear or are afraid of. We keep it to ourselves normally and don’t tell anyone about our shortcomings. We hide it and usually don’t do anything about our fears or lack of confidence.

For some people it is about laziness. They just can’t be bothered to fix the problem. But what are you going to do? Deep down inside you feel sick and hate the fact that you haven’t sorted the problem out. You want to change and improve your lack of confidence, but something is holding you back. What is it?

The only way you can build your confidence up is by becoming bold and active. You have to get out there, where it is uncomfortable and do the thing you fear. To progress at anything you must take small incremental steps every day to move forward. This will build your confidence bit by bit.

Immediate And Prompt Action Destroys Fear

If you wait long enough you are doomed to stay in the dark. Inaction breeds doubt and indecision, whereas action dispels the bad feelings that you have in your gut and replaces them gradually with good feelings.

If you want to become confident and conquer fear get off of the couch and fight. Don’t sit at home where you will think and fester, Leave the house, take action and get busy destroying the suffering.

Many years ago when I was aged 11 I played for the school soccer team. However they wanted someone to read out a combined match report for the five soccer teams. This was to be at the assembly on Monday mornings, in front of the whole school.

Now for some reason I volunteered to do this. I cannot answer why I did this, because I was petrified on the first occasion. I managed to get through the ordeal and continue doing the same every week of the soccer season. Action makes you confident.actiion-makes-you-confident

Was I confident before I started? No I was scared to my core, but something inside me told me get on with it and to this day I have trouble on stage when talking from the heart. If I am talking about a specific subject I am bold confident and powerful, but get me talking about how I feel and I don’t do so well.

Was it worth it to make a fool of myself on stage at school? It gave me the confidence to become the athletics champion four years in a row.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Action makes to confident.

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