Achieving Dramatic Breakthroughs Is Possible

So Are You Achieving Dramatic Breakthroughs?

I hope you are achieving dramatic breakthroughs or have accomplished that very big objective because it is those special moments that we work towards.

You will hear people talk about daily incremental gains and these are critical to your success, but what I am referring to here are those massive wins that happen occasionally, making your quest totally worthwhile.achieving dramatic breakthroughs

A dramatic breakthrough is also a very personal thing and it is what you describe as a breakthrough, not what someone else deems it to be. It is you who has worked extremely hard to overcome obstacles, not the other person. Only share it if you feel good about it, you don’t have to you know.

I will pick a couple of examples that I struggled with and they are articles and videos. I put off writing articles for three years because I felt that I couldn’t write and had nothing good to say. At the time of writing this blog entry, I have written 20 articles with Ezine Articles¬†¬†¬†Ezine Articles and I am pleased how they are going. But these are my wins and If I want to share them I will and if I don’t want to share I won’t.

The other area was in the making of reasonable face to face videos, my first attempts were here at-The Professional Marketer and one of my second attempts is here Why is Personal Accountability Important? Be Accountable I will let you make your mind up if there was any improvement.

Now were these the types of breakthroughs like Sir Roger Bannister’s, when he broke the 4-minute mile on the 6th May 1954, as depicted in the photograph, of course not but we can’t all be super athletes.

But these are my wins and If I want to share them I will and if I don’t want to share I won’t. With both articles and videos, I found that I was taking myself out of my comfort zone and the only way to conquer these fears was action. Now I feel good about doing both, now whether other people think they are good is totally immaterial because as long as I am happy, that is good enough.

Achieving dramatic breakthroughs for me personally, were many, but definitely not with videos. This is about you moving forward progressively, but again this is your choice and no-one can make them for you.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


Achieving dramatic breakthroughs.

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