Achievement Is Contagious

Achievement Is Contagious. Trust Me On This One

Achievement is contagious. It is not all about winning, so much as getting in the right positive mindset. Now, obviously this is my opinion on things and you are free to disagree, and that is ok. There is no right and wrong answer here, just different thoughts.achievement is contagious

Now for my sins I am an Arsenal season ticket holder and I have been watching my team since 1968. In that time I have seen them win many trophies and the key ingredient was that the teams adopted a winning attitude. Now my team has not won a trophy since 2005 and I think I know the reason why. They do not expect to win a trophy and remember I watch them every week.

Then I look at our main rivals Chelsea and Manchester United. The difference there is that these teams expect success and get it.

My point is this, my team have got out of the habit of winning trophies.They do not expect to achieve 100% and when they do they will win a trophy.

Now relate this to your situation in network marketing and there are two questions I want you to ask yourself.

Firstly, ‘Do you know what your outcome is going to be?’ and then closely followed by, ‘Do you expect to win?’

I think most people bottle it and not only do not know where they are going, their outcome is a mass of fog and they do not expect to be successful.

Success is contagious! Success is contagious! Success is contagious? Success is contagious?

Well that is ok Paul but you don’t know what I have been through. Total BS. Sorry but there it is.

As my friend John says if I have upset you, you will get over it. But listen I really like the paragraph, you know the one before last. But, where do I start I have never been successful at anything?

What you have to look for are simple little wins, like, I made my first telephone call to a prospect. I made my first sale. OR I spoke to a Lady at the supermarket and she is a great prospect. There are thousands of these small wins that you miss.

So here is what you do, starting tomorrow or today if it is early. Begin a victory list and on this list, you write down everything good that you do in a day, each little win, no matter how small. I think you get the picture. Then you build this list over a period of time and refer to it regularly.

Before too long you will get better and better. You will become more confident and then you will realize why I say that achievement is contagious. Now you thought that I was going to talk about your first $1000. Look, that would go in there as well but list everything you do well at.

Over the long haul your confidence will increase to such an extent that you will know for sure that you will succeed. A WORD OF WARNING: HABITS ARE CONTAGIOUS GOOD AND BAD SO MAKE SURE YOU ELIMINATE THE BAD ONES.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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