Accountability You Are Accountable

Accountability You Are Accountable. Trust Me

Accountability you are accountable. When I started in a home business this is something someone said to me and it just stuck in my mind. In fact it has been in my mind for the last 30 years. I believe that 100%, if you are not accountable then you might as well pick your coffin now.accountability you are accountable

Accountability for me is all about your reputation in the marketplace as someone who does what they say and not just a person who talks a good job or business because there are many of those. Accountability in relation to any team that you have is an absolutely vital necessity to employ.

As a leader you must stand up and be counted and not shy away from responsibility. It is all about aiming for or pursuing excellence. You just have to do the very best that you can and more. But at the same time be a person of courage and standing up and admitting you were wrong, on occasions.

There are too many cowards in our society, whether they be politicians, bankers, business people or the average Joe, that say those immortal words, ‘It’s not my fault.’ We all have to take responsibility for our lives and what happens.

In ‘How To Win Friends and Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie it has a part of the book dedicated to making mistakes and accountability. He says something like, ‘If you wrong admit it quickly and emphatically.’

That says it all really. When I am wrong I admit quickly, openly and with enthusiasm. Because normally speaking it takes the wind out of the other person’s sails. Now you have to accept that this doesn’t work all of the time but most of the time. I would say probably in excess of 95%.

Now I remember when I was a police detective being viciously attacked verbally by a judge at a Crown Court for forgetting to do something. (40-minute tirade) It was so bad the four defending barristers all stated that they would support me if I got in trouble. Normally that just doesn’t happen.

The result have I received no censure whatsoever and that was the end of the matter. I did suggest (not to the judge, however) that he may want to spruce up his sex life. Now, why did the four barristers stand up for me, because basically, they were against the police?

I was a straight shooter and had actually been extremely fair on their client. In my evidence, I had actually said when cross-examined that I always treated people fairly and I was accountable for my actions.

Now you decide as you move on with your life, business or whatever, and ask yourself this question. ‘Am I fully accountable for my actions?’ If you are, wonderful. If you aren’t then maybe you have some work to do in the future.

Whilst doing a bit of research I came across an article, by by Dianne Schilling which I found very interesting and I have reprinted some of it below.

Here is the link to the article Accountability Tools Listen. Careful, attentive listening helps you gather up-to-date, accurate information, identify problem situations and promote collaboration. Question. Seek out information and ideas. Request clarification when you don’t understand something. Invite and offer feedback.

Find out what associates think about your ideas and performance. Give honest, constructive feedback to others. Be assertive.

When necessary, confront situations and people in an assertive style that is straightforward and truthful without being threatening or overly aggressive. Ask for what you need to do your job effectively, like information, assistance, and support. And don’t be afraid to say no.

Being accountable is one of the fastest ways to earn respect, trust, and promotions. More importantly, it puts you in control of your life. Responding accountably to life’s challenges gives you the power to change things.

That’s the biggest benefit of all.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Accountability you are accountable.

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