Abundance and Prosperity

Do You Want Abundance and Prosperity?

When people mention the words, abundance and prosperity, what comes to mind for you personally?abundance and prosperity

For most people they start thinking about exotic holidays, earning a hundred thousand dollars plus and fast cars. But, come on fellas, is that what it is all about? No, absolutely not, because I have spoken to many people who have all of those things and it doesn’t do it for them either.

So really think about those words, abundance and prosperity. Think deeper and come up with the reasons why you want those things. I used to speak into existence the same type things, fast cars, $18,000 weeks, great vacations and yes I have had them and I still felt flat and incomplete.

The reason that it didn’t work for me was because of two main reasons:- Firstly, there is no substance to your life if you chase the dollar, in my opinion.

Secondly, there are far more important things in life than bling etc. I found myself wanting to help people and look after my family. In short doing things for others has become the biggest thing in my life. It is not all about self, self or self, but your mission in life or your purpose has to be something bigger than you ever could be.

Now do I like money in my pocket, absolutely, but to feel the exhilaration of giving some necessary assistance to great projects around the world or just giving some cash to a charity like, ‘Make A Wish Foundation.’ You cannot describe the feelings that you get from doing something like that. That stays with you for ever and no amount of cars or holidays can replace the feelings you get from giving, nothing.


So abundance for me is partly the same as others, having enough money to enjoy life without struggling or looking at the check or tag. But the big draw for me now is just plain old looking after others.

You see abundance is more about the natural things around you as well, like scenery, sunshine, peace, being able to walk, talk, see and run. I could go on but I think you get the point.


Prosperity for me is simple, having and feeling good about what you do. As the years go on now I will do more good for more people. Not to have my name in lights but to feel good about myself and make others feel good. Money is a big part of that but not the be all and end all.

So, what about you, do you see that those words abundance and prosperity differently now, I hope you do.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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