Absolutely No Surrender No Giving Up

Absolutely No Surrender Ever?

Absolutely no surrender. That is my motto. Let me start by saying that I have been in the position where I have given up on something and to be fair you hear it all of the time, where people complain or gripe about how bad things are and what they can or can’t do.

Look, my friends, there are no excuses, so let us cut straight to the chase here, either you do or you don’t. I think it is about time the people who do totally separate themselves from the ones who just talk a good game, but in reality, they don’t do what is required. I know I have been on both sides of the fence.

absolutely no surrenderSo ask yourself this question, do you really go for it or not. Most people start something, which is really easy, but get hit with a few challenges and they wither and die.

One minute they are shooting their mouth off about what they are going to do and the next they are nowhere to be seen because they have disappeared with a whimper.

So, today, decide what camp you belong in. Make a decision that you are going to succeed at what you are doing, regardless.

Make no bones about it, you are going to get some hard knocks on the way, but the pay off is exciting.

Now I do not care whether you relate this to business, sports or maybe a relationship. It doesn’t matter. Accept nothing less than success.

You have to be focused, resilient, persistent, consistent, accept knocks and bounce back, but do not accept defeat ever.

Do you want to be at the very top at what you do or achieve your absolute best, then state this aloud, absolutely no surrender.


To Your Success


Paul Bursey