The Ability To Keep Going Is Critical

Keep Going Is Sometimes All You Have

Keep going when times get tough. You hear this all the time, but how many of us really dig in and fight when the chips are down. When everyone is telling you to quit. I suspect that if we were all brutally honest there have been days when we threw in the towel much to early.

There are many times when we choose to wimp out and refuse to stay the course and extract the necessary thrill and excitement of completing whatever it is that we have started. Yes there have been occasions when I left the field of battle when I should have remained to fight on. What about you?keep-going

I hated cross country running, but it did teach me the art of persistence and tenacity. Funny enough I never gave up when engaged in this pursuit. There have been quite a few times when I wish I had used this skill or trait to help me through the tough periods in business. But quite a few times I walked away because it was too hard. Hey I being honest here.

There is no doubt that the ability to keep going is critical. Why? Because psychologically it crushes you when you admit defeat. It is another dent in your fragile mindset if you do not give a venture or project everything that you have and much much more.

There have been businesses that I didn’t do very much and there have been others where I could walk away with my head held high. If you can leave the scene of a battle and say, “I did well. I gave it my best shot.” then that is great.

However if you regret not doing as well as you could, then that normally means that you weren’t brave enough, because you could have won. I remember one business where I did absolutely nothing, deservedly failed and yet another business opportunity where I didn’t earn for two years and then hit it big. You just learn I suppose.

Now, assuming all is well and the business I am in is good, then I won’t just hide and let it slip away unnoticed. I will keep going until I succeed. I only got to this point by embarrassing myself enough times, so that it became a joke. Not to others, just me, because I am the one that needs to be impressed with my own effort, no-one else.

I don’t know what it is going to take to make you satisfied and content in life or business. But I do know this, that there has to come a time when you make a commitment to complete what you started. The feelings you will get on finishing the job are fantastic and it becomes just one more thing to add to your victory list. Keep going and never give up.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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