Lack Of Precision

A Lack Of Precision Defeats The Purpose Of Goal Setting?

If you fail to be exact when goal setting, you will probably fall well short of what you want and it will spectacularly defeat the purpose of setting your goals moving forward. Why?  Because you cannot hit a target that you cannot see clearly. Precision is a crucial factor in your approach to arriving at your destination efficiently and quickly.

A lack of precision will cost you in the long run.When setting a worthwhile goal you must be 100% precise, otherwise, it defeats the purpose of goal setting for you.

When a sniper has to engage a target, he has to zero in on his subject and focus on only one thing. He or she cannot allow themselves to be sidetracked in any way whatsoever or lack a definite purpose, because he or she will become totally ineffective by indecision.

I spoke to a leader in the networking marketing business on Facebook today, having met her at a conference. I asked her what her goal was for the next year. She was at level 1 and definitely would find herself at level 2, but may shoot for level 3. (Obviously I am disguising the levels so as not to identify the person or the opportunity)

lack of precisionNow you have to understand that she is a very sharp leader already, but I felt that I had to stop her in her tracks and point a few things out to her. I asked her some questions and she didn't appear focused enough.

I asked her,

"Where do you want to be in 12 months time?"

"What do you really want?"

Basically you need to answer precise questions for yourself if you want to advance to the level of your desire. It will defeat the purpose of all the good work you have started or done already and are looking forward to continuing, in your quest for success, if you are not targeted on the bullseye.

Anyway back to the story. It came out that this leader wanted to get to level 3. So I told her that she needed to focus on level 3 only and not level 2. In other words she had to say to herself, "I am a level 3." over and over again. I told her that there was only level 3 for her and she should always expect the very best and success. She is now laser focused on level 3, whereas before her thoughts were all over the place.

One last thing I did say to her, was that the focused goal must be her choice and no-one else's and not to be too influenced by what I said, but to become laser focused on what she wanted.

So in conclusion a lack of a well defined and precise goal will ace your future big time if you waiver on your decision and it defeats the purpose of goal setting if you do not employ that tunnel vision how it is supposed to be used.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


Lack of precision.