5 Tips To Maximise Your Potential

5 Tips To Maximise Your Potential

These 5 tips to maximise your potential are crucial for your growth and progress. No matter what your level of ability is at the moment, there is always someone who can help you maximise your potential. I would say most people need assistance of some sort, whether it is a mentor or tutor etc.5 tips to maximise your potential

Obviously there are certain tips that you can take on board to accelerate your learning curve and achieve the pinnacle of your potentiality much quicker.

So let us explore some of these tips and ideas now to speed up the process.


Because if you are not doing what you love then you will not be at full throttle at any time. Not being at full throttle will prevent you from developing the necessary momentum.

It is all about passion, commitment and persistence. If you do not love what you are doing you are going to grind to a halt. It is the love and the passion that will drive you on through the dips and challenges.


You will not hit the high spots with your endeavour if you are not happy. Happiness is definitely one of those special feelings that will keep you in total balance whilst growing your business or whatever it is that you are building.

Being happy is just a collection of good feelings, it’s how you cope with the ups and downs that affect everybody at certain times. If you are happy this will rub off on everyone you come into contact with and they will want to be around you and network with you.


If you want to attract people towards you then laughter is a vital attribute, whether it is the ability to laugh at yourself or at a good joke.

It is easy to become depressed and feel bad at various times and we will all have times like that but it will be your ability to laugh and have a great sense of humour that will assist you greatly in the future creating or designing your brilliant future.

So what makes you laugh? Is it watching comedians or a funny film? Whatever it is, make sure you are getting regular doses of the funny stuff.


This is very similar to laughing and would say that your smile is an absolutely vital in the likeability stakes.

You know, we have all seen those people who enter a room and they set it alight with their smile, attitude, and presence. I mean an honest and natural smile, not a forced or false smile.

If you don’t believe me spend time with the person who has the best smile and sees how you feel after 15 minutes around them.

I was a police officer for nearly 33 years and I allowed myself to lose my smile and my sense of humor. The thing is I did this over a long period of time and when I realized it, the damage had already been completed.


Never change who you are as a person unless you are just horrible. (I am laughing) Being really nice in this world is what it is all about. I love being around nice people who are contented, polite and chilled out. So be really nice that is all I have to say on that subject.

So you thought that I was going to rattle on about goals, commitment and persistence etc. Well, maybe I have surprised you.

If you want to maximise your potential there will be many skills you will have to adopt if you want to be a success in the network marketing arena.

But I personally believe that these tips should be help you to grow beyond your wildest dreams, because people will just be drawn towards you on mass. 


To Your Success

Paul Bursey

5 Tips To Maximise Your Potential.

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