5 Keys To Staying Focused And Motivated When It Really Counts

Staying Focused And Motivated Matters

Staying focused and motivated is a critical component of success.

Crystal clear focus is one of the most difficult skills to acquire, no matter whether you are taking an examination, training for a sports race or building a business. If you can laser focus on one specific subject and learn it inside and out, you will achieve unbelievable levels in whatever you chose to get involved in.staying focused and motivated

I should explain the term, “When it matters most.” as this is very important and can relate to many different things. If you set aside one hour to write an article, then you should rarely allow anything to disturb that hour. You will end up wasting your time and become unproductive.

But you shouldn’t aim your focus totally at one thing for long periods of time, as this will inevitably end in frustration. If your goal is to complete one hour of study, then one hour it is and no more. You will then need to take a break and not overdo it because if you continue to spend too much time on one thing, you will reduce your capacity to get the job completed smoothly.

What are the particular obstacles that will destroy your focus?

There are many challenges, problems, and obstacles that will ace your future and take your focus away from your goal or target. Allowing things like the telephone, neighbors, friends, family, social networking or emails to control your time and knock you off of your perch.

You must ensure that you control your environment and the people around you so that you refuse to allow any form of distraction to upset the fine and delicate balance when you are in flow. Here are the 5 keys to staying focused and motivated.

Eliminate the static in your life

This means having the ability to identify all of the distractions that will destroy your focus and then eliminate them as rapidly as you can and permanently.But realize that some distractions may have to be worked on over time. This is crucial if you are to get to the very top at anything or become one of the best at what you do.

Learn the art of concentration

This relates to the art of concentrating one single solitary project, similar to an archer or an Olympic high jumper or bird watcher. You must zero in your focus on the target at hand and not allow anyone or anything to block your vision or disturb the balance of your concentration.

Add passion to your emotional desires

The reasons that you begin a task or start training for the marathon or similar, are critical. They must be emotional reasons that get you excited and passionate about the journey and the pending outcome. To be effective these reasons have to be extremely strong, bordering on obsession.

Create a habit of allowing your powerful focus to motivate you.

Your motivation to stay on target and focus will come from inside. Do let anyone else have the job of motivating you because you will always be the best motivator that you will find. If you are not motivated enough to learn the skill or habit of focus, then examine the reasons why you are doing what you are doing.

Teach yourself to stay on target regardless

This very simply means keeping your focus, come what may and feeling good about it. Most people have to teach themselves how to use focus and then they have to learn to keep their eyes on that one project only. This is a learned skill, that may take some considerable time to master.

In Summary

It is your responsibility not to lose focus at any time and remember to rest if you need to recharge your batteries before continuing. Even the best soldiers can only focus for short periods of time. Also, consider using the power of the mastermind or mentoring if you require any assistance in the area of focus and motivation.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


Staying focused and motivated