5 Effective Ways To Work Proactively

So What Are 5 Ways To Work Proactively?

You must work proactively if you want to be successful. The keyword related to pro-activity is NOW, not the art of putting things off until manana. So if the key is NOW, why don’t more people do it immediately. I suppose their drive, passion, desire, and reasons are basically not strong enough to move them quickly enough.work proactively

Ok, Paul now I am fairly intelligent and I am not lazy, but I do not appear to get anywhere here. I mean I place ads, I go on the team calls and I do what they tell me to do, but it is still not working. Well, let me ask you a question. “Are you playing full out?” I remember my friend Brian saying that to me when I was complaining a few years ago about not getting the results I wanted.

This is basically being ultra active and proactively seeking ways of promoting yourself and your business. In other words, doing everything that you possibly can to build your business. I always relate things to my time as an athlete. When I was training for a marathon you either did what was required or you didn’t, period.

So Paul suggest some ideas here, what are 5 effective ways to work proactively?

A) Get a piece of paper and write down the 5 most important things (income producing activities) that you can implement today, starting now, that will propel your business into hyper-drive. Write them out in order of priority 1 to 5. Then take on number one and complete it fully before moving on to number 2. Carry on until all 5 are completed today.

B) Use an egg timer to put a little bit of pressure on yourself and also to monitor the amount of time you are spending on each section. Remember to have plenty of breaks and chill out. (This is key)

C) Turn everything else off whilst you are completing your tasks, such as TV, Social media, mobile/cell phone, landline and if you work from home, let your significant other know you are working and that you do not want to be disturbed.

D) Whatever you do keep it real simple. I see many people overcomplicate things. The key to being proactive and productive is doing it now and doing it consistently. Adopt the mantra or affirmation. ‘I WILL UNTIL’

E) Keep your goal where you can see it all of the time. This is purely psychological and we don’t have to know why it works, it just does. You can see here that you can implement these 5 effective ways to work proactively very quickly, in fact now, and get results rapidly.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


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