3 Vital Network Marketing Skills

3 Vital Network Marketing Skills


However I much prefer to supply you with some new ideas that you may not have become aware of. So here are some things to think about whilst you are building your network marketing or MLM business. I personally think that these 3 skills are absolutely vital, whether you are referring to network marketing, mlm, internet marketing or social media.3 vital network marketing skills


You have be aware of what is happening around you all the time. Awareness or Vigilance is required in so many areas. You have to be vigilant with your time, the amount of time you are on the computer or investing in your business.

Awareness of who you are being as a person, whilst you are building your personal brand is vitally important as well. Make sure you are perceived as a leader and expert, rather than someone who is rude or foul-mouthed. Integrity is everything in our line of business.

Observe who you spend your time with when it comes to team building. Spend time with those who deserve it not need it. You will know the right people to spend time with by looking at who is actually doing the work required.

There are many areas where observation/vigilance are necessary, such as spending quality time with your family and your business, e.g if you say you are going to invest 1-hour reading or studying, then do it.

Get rid of all of the distractions before you start and if needs be set a timer and stick to the allotted time schedule.


Communication is the lifeblood of any relationship or organisation. If there is a lack of communication then several things could happen. You could end up splitting up with a partner or falling out with a family member or friend. If you have a group or a larger organisation then if you don’t learn the art of communication then you will lose team members quickly.For now I will stick to business.

So how do we stay in touch with people, let’s look at some ways to do this:-

a) Send an email promoting an live event, team call or webinar

b) Chat to someone on the telephone (sounds easy but most people don’t do this) Make people feel good.

c) Send a note thanking someone, giving honest and sincere appreciation for success or a job well done. Applaud and compliment them, when they deserve it.

d) Promote a competition or contestwith exciting prizes such as an IPAD

e) Conduct a short survey

f)  Send out a regular newsletter with tips, tricks and great content

g) Create a mastermind group I have to say that my two favourites are speaking to people 1 2 1on the telephone and taking part in a mastermmind group.


People forget to use their common sense and follow their gut feelings. There are many examples of using your common sense bu let me give you an example of this.

I was a police officer for over 30 years and when I was on patrol it was quiet most of the time but it could hot up very quickly. Now on occasions, you might look at someone or something and get this gut feeling because you thought something was wrong.

Sometimes you would act on it but other times you would talk yourself out of it and walk away. But what I found personally was that I was right about the feeling on most occasions. Now how does that impact what you are doing as far as business is concerned.

Well I will use one of my best buddies in this business as an example. His name is Andy Phelps. Now Andy takes the term, ‘MASSIVE ACTION’ to new heights as he is always astounding me with ideas that he comes up with. He gets this gut feeling and moves very swiftly to act straight away.

He was in his car listening to a radio station and the presenter asked if there was anyone who wanted to talk about their business on the radio. Andy was given a short time to pitch his business and he received many leads from that and made thousands of pounds.

He didn’t think about it he did it immediately. Now what about you, what would you have done. If you get this gut feeling or an idea run with it that instant. Use your common sense or as I have heard it called, ‘Ignorance on Fire.’  I hope this short article has been of use to you in your business.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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3 Vital Network Marketing Skills