3 Success Habits You Must Make Your Own In Network Marketing

Success Habits Are A Must For Network Marketers

So what are the 3 success habits that a person must make their own in network marketing, in order to succeed? Well before we get to those success habits, let’s answer the question about wanting success first. The want or desire must come first and this should be closely followed by the art of developing some simple but effective habits as quickly as possible.

I think that on the face of it, wanting success is true for most network marketers. Everyone secretly wants to be a champion, super achiever or a winner deep down inside, in whatever they take part in. So why is it then, that most people never win or achieve in network marketing? In fact the vast majority of people never really give themselves a chance out the outset.

I believe that on a lot of occasions people just forget why they actually joined in the first place. People also allow themselves to become overwhelmed, confused and exhausted, very rapidly. Success habits can be picked up gradually over time and these will help you moving forward.

The reason for this their own expectations are maybe too high and also how they feel about the expectations they believe that are placed on them by others, when they start their new adventure.

The business starts really well, it is exciting,they are enthusiastic and it is fun in the early days and weeks of their fledgling career. But as the weeks go by their venture gathers momentum, similar to an express train and it leaves people at the station in the blink of an eyelid. A few buy first class tickets (professionals), some buy coach/economy tickets (posers)and others (amateurs) are left floundering.3-success-habits-you-must-make-your-own-in-network-marketing

There are some major keys or components to be able to enjoy this ride, grow exponentially and elevate individuals or couples to livethe kind of lifestyle and income level that we really crave, desire or really want. If they master these habits they will always be able to stay on the train and complete the journey.

Now we could all use hundreds of words when describing how to build a successful network marketing business, but it really just boils down to taking action and concentrating on three major habits.

Staying Focused Whilst Persistently Driving Forward

Keeping an eye on the prize is the by far the biggest positive success habit that anyone can learn. It is a wonderful success habit to be able to remain focused on the goal that the person has set for themselves.

But there is one major problem with focus and that is that person’s ability to avoid distraction and get side tracked. If anyone can crack the distraction factor then they are already half way there before they get going.

People should never allow people, the TV, the telephone or the well meaning relatives to rob them of their precious time, during any one particular day. They may want to consider setting aside specific office hours in order to ignore the noise. Distributors need to pay attention to this one, as it may be a key to their survival and arrival at their desired outcome.

Ensuring That You Are Always Leading By Example

It is all about getting out there, being real nice, talking to lots of people and making it happen. It is a numbers game of quality and quantity. There is absolutely no substitute for massive action coupled together with a great mindset and unstoppable attitude.

Remember people should never wait on any one person to help them become a success, otherwise they will hang around for ever and that includes everyone that they know, whether in their business or outside.

Yes their up line leader can make things much smoother for them, but what happens if they don’t show up? People should know that they are worth more than that. They need to forge on, take things on head first and make sure they are driving a Ferrari and not a penny farthing.

Speed is the key in momentum, so the distributor needs to set the pace and not wait around for any one person. They need to strike forward at every opportunity, as if they are the only one in the game.

The Answer Is To Keep It Simple

Everyone knows that they need to keep things simple, but few ever refine their business to such an extent, that anyone, anywhere could do the business standing on their head. What we find is that most people over-complicate a relatively simple business opportunity and ruin it for themselves and others over time.

I heard it said, “You must dumb everything down to it’s lowest common denominator.” Now don’t get me wrong here. This does not mean that people are stupid in any way. As an example, we all use conversation to interest a prospective partner to take a look at a business opportunity, something like, “I would like to run something by you.” The art is having a few simple sentences that you can make your own, to be able to become efficient and effective.

Can you see the big difference between using a simple sentence, rather than using a long complicated sentence, which is hard to remember. So keep the main thing the main thing and bind it with simplicity for success. Distributors should find what works easily for them and stick with it. SIMPLICITY, SIMPLICITY and SIMPLICITY

The Summary

It is all too easy for a new person or an experienced person to lose track of of their progress and fall by the wayside in network marketing and ultimately quit. The key is keeping simple records of what occurs and what is completed on a day to day basis.

Distributors should never take on too much and cripple their thinking processes. Their success will depend mainly on their ability and skill to employ some simple habits that are easy to duplicate, adopting the right mental attitude and ensuring that they are fully committed 100%.

So all distributors MUST remember these three MAJOR HABITS in order to survive and thrive in network marketing:

1. Staying Focused

2. Leading By Example

3. Keep It Simple

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

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