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Its Time To Believe In Yourself

July 24, 2013 paulbursey 0

It is time to belief in yourself, mainly because you haven’t done that in the past, have you. Yes you can say that you believe in yourself, but the real person you have to convince is you.

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Is There Fire In Your Belly?

July 11, 2013 paulbursey 0

If you don’t have fire in your belly, you are probably uninspired and not building your network marketing business or whatever else you are involved in. At some stage you will require that burn, that desire and that want to be present, if you are to succeed at anything.

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Stop Making Excuses For The Way Your Life Is Now

July 7, 2013 paulbursey 0

Normally speaking, everyone who starts network marketing in the same way. The noticeable differences between individuals include the amount of people they know, their self image, their attitude and their perceived status in their own world.

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Keep Your Head Up And Your Spirit Strong

July 5, 2013 paulbursey 0

If you are keeping your back straight, standing tall and your head up, you will feel more powerful. If you slouch and look down on the ground, you will represent defeat and weakness. It is a simple concept really, but it is something that a lot of people do not pay attention to. Remember keep your head up.

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You Can’t Play The Victim And Have Victory

July 3, 2013 paulbursey 0

Playing the victim, whinging and complaining, do not go hand in hand with success and achievement. People either join the a very ordinary large club or an exclusive club. Which one would attract you? Play the victim and wallow in mediocrity.