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It Is Time To Break Out Of The Box

May 29, 2012 paulbursey 0

So what do I mean when I say break out of the box? I could possibly be referring to escaping the drudgery of a job, breaking away from some old tradition or just getting clear from that prison cell, that you become incarcerated within by your own hand.

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Decide And Act To Achieve In Order To Achieve

May 28, 2012 paulbursey 0

The only real way to be successful is to decide and act. Find out what it is that you really want or desire, define it clearly, specifically and then write it down. Then you get into action and start to make it work. Most things are not easy, but are very simple. Decide first and act second.

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Is Your Back Against The Wall?

May 26, 2012 paulbursey 0

First of all it happens to thousands of people and you should never be ashamed or feel bad about having your back against the wall or finding yourself in the mire.

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Take Action Now To Improve Your Performance

May 24, 2012 paulbursey 0

If you do not improve your performance now, you will just put it off until forever. Procrastination will kill off your business, so my suggestion, once you have read this article, is to complete some worthwhile task that enhances your business immediately.

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How Do You Maximize Focus?

May 21, 2012 paulbursey 0

To maximize focus is just one of those vital elements that you need to pay attention to and here are five good points to answer that burning question, ‘How To Maximize Focus.’

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What Is The Difference Between Success And Failure?

May 19, 2012 paulbursey 0

I think for some people the gulf between success and failure is immense, huge and unbridgeable. WHY? Because those people do not possess the drive and determination required to succeed. They will not commit themselves to a worthwhile project, business or sport. They will not go that extra mile and do whatever is needed.

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Possibility Thinking Is The Birthplace Of Ambition

May 18, 2012 paulbursey 0

I do not know about you but I absolutely hate being around sceptical people who disbelieve anything and everything at a drop of a hat. Now, no-one wants to spend time with a group of people who accept just anything, but at least find a group of people who have a genuine belief that most things are possible, given the chance or favourable circumstances.

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You Must Be Hungry For Success

May 17, 2012 paulbursey 0

I am not really sure if you can call it ‘hungry for success’, because that phrase appears to suggest that there is greed involved. I suppose it depends on who you are and what you are willing to work towards.

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How I Remain Sharp And Focused

May 15, 2012 paulbursey 0

Now I do not want to give the impression that I always get it right in this area, as 50% of time is disorganised, but I am better than most at remaining sharp and focused.

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How To Be Financially Successful

May 12, 2012 paulbursey 0

So do you need to be rich or wealthy in order to be financially successful? Absolutely not. Those two words relate to you individually and will mean something completely different to you, as opposed to me.