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Why Am I In Business?

April 23, 2011 paulbursey 0

When you first saw that exciting new business, how did you feel? Maybe you are still juiced to work your business, as I am, but I know for some of you the dream has long since died. But, did you ever get to ask yourself this question, “Why am I in business?”

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Is Powerful Marketing The Way Forward For You?

April 11, 2011 paulbursey 0

Powerful marketing is not a tool to hoodwink people, in my opinion, but a style of advertising that shows you, your company, your products and your compensation plan in the best light possible and it should portray professionalism at every stage.

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With Attitude You Can Achieve Anything

April 10, 2011 paulbursey 0

Now if you are a top sportsman or women, sometimes a bit of attitude is a good thing. It keeps you totally laser focused and on a knife edge. In other words, most of the time you are basically quite a nice person, but there are occasions where the ‘with attitude’ spills over and becomes a problem.

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Self Esteem And Self Image

April 9, 2011 paulbursey 0

Your self image is simply the mental photograph or picture of yourself, that you hold. So in other words, it is all about how you see yourself, but remember this will change daily, it never remains the same. The key is to make slight adjustments, daily incremental changes to constantly improve your self image.

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Steady Consistent Action

April 7, 2011 paulbursey 0

I think persistence and consistence will always beat fast and erratic any day. We have all seen the person who comes into a business opportunity like an express train and is gone within a few weeks or a month, haven’t we

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Leaders Step Up To The Plate

April 6, 2011 paulbursey 0

Not many leaders take full responsibility and step forward to be heard, I can assure you and that permeates throughout the corporate world, uniformed occupations and management positions generally.

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You Must Be Intentional And Relentless In Order To Win

April 3, 2011 paulbursey 0

First of all I personally believe you must to be very serious about your business, if you are to be successful. Too many people coast along and do not treat a home business as a business. It is imperative that you are really intense about this one particular subject, building your business as fast as you possibly can.