12 Steps To Ensure A Great Reading Plan

12 Steps To Ensure A Great Reading Plan

Over the years reading has become a fantastic part of my journey in MLMs and Network Marketing. I was never a great reader until 1979 when I joined Amway.

The first book I read I think was The Magic Of Thinking Big by Dr. David Schwartz, a great book. Since that time I have divided my time between personal development type books and thriller/action books. I love books by James Patterson and Lee Child. I always try and keep a good balance and normally have some kind of reading plan. 12 steps to ensure a great reading plan

Here are some step by step tips, 12 steps to ensure a great reading plan:-

1.  Read every day Jim Rohn said, “A book a day will change your life. A book a month will keep you even but a book a year and you will be falling behind.” (not exact)

2.  Avoid overload and restrict the amount you hope to cover.

3.  If you are following a particular business or career, consider reading only those things that will give you the greatest value for your reading time. (That worked then)

4.  Because of the excessive amount of material that you may be trying to get through, skim the table of contents for the exact material that interests you.

5.  Carry the reading material on you so you can read it whilst waiting or traveling to and from work.

6.  You might want to place secondary reading material in a tray or basket close to you so that it is visible.

7.  If you are part of a mastermind group consider having a mini book club where you can share and exchange. Having said that you must develop your own library.

8.  When you have limited time to read you may want to follow the experts and only read the headlines, titles, first paragraph, topic sentences of each paragraph and endings. Thereby obtaining the key information.

9.  Use a highlighter to mark important items the first time you read something. (But not if you have borrowed the book).

10. Be careful and stop magazine subscriptions when you can’t keep up with current issues.

11. Consider listening to the same reading material on CD instead, whilst doing other things.

12. Consider taking a speed writing course. The most important thing though is to read regularly and improve your reading skills and mindset.

As Jim Rohn also said, ” Read something positive, something inspirational or something instructional.” Just set aside 30 minutes a day for reading. It will change your life.Miss a meal but don’t miss your 30 minutes.

So make sure you have a good diet of words. Reading is tapping the treasure of ideas.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

12 Steps To Ensure A Great Reading Plan

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