Focus On Daily Growth

Network Marketers Should Focus On Daily Growth

You must focus on daily growth to win in network marketing profession. Your personal growth will require a sustained period of time, where you work at getting smarter and take part in continuous learning.focus on daily growth

Most people don’t bother with any personal development. They either forget to make it a part of their daily existence or they refuse to start, thinking they can do without it.

It is fairly obvious that anyone wishing to reach any leadership level, will need to work on their attitude, self image, personal growth and skill sets.

Over the last 37 years personal development has been a saviour for me, in both my network marketing businesses and more importantly during my career as a police officer.

Every day is focused on growth and development. I focus on growing personally through mental, spiritual and physical health. I found that by working on my self growth every day I became a better person. Reading good books and mixing with skilled people became the key to any success that I achieved.

Self development taught me how to speak to people and how to have patience. The ability to converse with other people such as prospects and suspects was critical for me.

In 1979 I was introduced to some great books including, ‘The Magic Of Thing Big’ and ‘How To Win Friends And Influence People.’ These books definitely helped to enhance my life.

These days I am reading ‘The 12 Week Year’ and ‘The One Thing.’ At the same time I watch a tremendous amount of videos from successful people such as Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard and top network marketing leaders.

My strong suggestion is to focus on daily growth. Start small and as you become more experienced increase the amount of time that you allocate to becoming a better person.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Others Opinions Suck Sometimes

Others Opinions Can Control Your Life If You Let Them

Others opinions can be valid. They are a mixture of good, bad, positive or negative. They can be borne out of jealousy, spite or said just to hold you back. You must be very wary when listening to well meaning friends, family and work colleagues, because you may never know their real intentions.others opinions

This monkey chatter is normally just idle gossip. Some individuals love putting others down and talking behind their backs. They have no courage to speak to a person’s face. Unfortunately, this happens in every facet of life and business, including the network marketing profession.

Even the advice of someone you trust can affect you in an adverse way. So, who can you trust and who should you listen to? I would suggest conducting some research on the subject you are interested in and then deciding for yourself. You have to take full responsibility for everything that enters into your mind.

A network marketer should only listen to wise people, those who have a proven track record and have the best interests of a network marketer at heart. Your quest may take some considerable time to put together. You have find the right leader or leaders who you resonate with and talk sense.

You will watch and listen to various leaders. Never rush to take just anyone’s advice on board, without thinking about what is best for you and your future growth. You can start by listening to people like Eric Worre, Todd Falcone, Ray Higdon and Jessica Higdon. These are people ware respected worldwide and have been in the trenches and got the T shirt.

The other area to tread very carefully in is lead generation. It is a minefield out there in the world. I personally use MLSP My Lead System Pro as they are tried and tested educational platform for network marketers. They have been in this arena longer than anyone else, since 2008. Everyone will ask the answer to this question, “How do I generate leads for my business?” and you need to know that the source to answer this question is a trusted source.

The key is to add quality people to your education list as you come across them. These people must earn the right to your time and attention. Remember, it isn’t a race to grab in as many opinions as quickly as you can. We all get excited and we thirst for useful information and outstanding knowledge. But there is a lot of crap out there, so beware.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Harness Drive And Motivation

Harness Drive And Motivation To Move Faster

You must harness drive and motivation to get you where you want to go in life and in business. Drive is basically an internal motivation that needs to be channelled properly. If it isn’t directed in the right way and in the right direction, valuable energy will be lost or wasted.harness drive and motivation

Motivation could be described as this unstoppable tank and we are the tank commander, if we want to be of course. Now we can drive this tank anywhere we want and the only person that can stop us, is the person staring at us back in the mirror.

The trouble is that most people don’t think smart enough. This is mainly because their intentions, thoughts and actions are wishy-washy and don’t focus on exactly on what they want. A person cannot hope to employ drive, if they don’t know specifically where they are aiming it at. It’s like you or I going on a car journey without a clue where we are going and without a satellite navigation or physical map to guide us.

We have to learn the art of harnessing our focus on our desired outcome. Also we have to know why we want it in the first place. We must never allow ourselves being put off by well meaning friends, acquaintances or relatives.

Motivation and drive are like a small band of brothers. Motivation is easy to access once you learn how to tap into this precious resource.

In my humble opinion, there has to be something similar to obsession in place for us to keep going in the face of distractions, discouragement and unfavorable events, that happen during our journey. We must be like a British bulldog who zeros in on their prey with tenacity and refuses to let go. Teach yourself how to fight, grapple and claw your way to success. Only you can stop you achieving.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Success Begins With Mindset

Success Begins With Mindset For The Champion

Success begins with mindset, if you want fast results that is. Unfortunately most people enter the fray unprepared for battle. This occurs in almost everything they try.

An individual is never going to build a team in network marketing if they do not start with the end in mind. This means knowing your outcome, but at the same time ensuring you begin with a winning mentality.success begins with mindset

Your Past Does Not Equal Your Future

Apart from the expectation of achievement, the average person will commence their business at a disadvantage. Why? Because they are living with the mistakes of the past and judging everything on past failures, instead of previous successes or the positive outcome they want.

You future is there to be grabbed by the throat, it can be whatever you want it to be. You are not held back by previous mistakes. By all means learn from the past, but don’t let the old stuff control you from now on.

Guard Your Ears And Eyes

So not only do you have to keep things fresh and positive, but you must shut your ears and close your eyes to daily negative garbage. Now, whether that is spending regular time around successful people, reading 30 minutes a day of something positive and uplifting or watching an inspirational video, just do what you need to stay in a good place.

Trust me here, bad stuff will come at you from all angles and you must be totally aware of the effect that this poison will have on you over a period of time. You must guard the door to your life, if you want to win.

Think Like A Business Owner, Not An Employee

I was an employee for 36 years and I understand the certainty and the idea of a regular paycheck. But when you become an entrepreneur you have to change your thinking patterns from working for the man to being your own boss. Now for some people it is quite easy, but for most it is a hard switch.

The great thing is that you can ease into on entrepreneurship gradually. You don’t have to quit your day job straight away or at any time really. But it is always recommended that you have sufficient income coming in from your business before you think about leaving your employment. You have to take full responsibility for your success, unlike your job.

Be The Victor, Not The Victim

The last thing is accountability and taking full responsibility. Many people think that they cannot control circumstances and they play the victim in life. You can only control your thoughts, emotions and actions

Instead of playing the victim, consider acting like a victor. You must see yourself as winning in the game of life just have a chance. If you don’t then neither will anyone else. Mindset is everything or at least 90% of it.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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All That Matters Is What You Do Now

All That Matters Are Your Actions Today

All that matters is this minute. What happened yesterday and last week is history. If you had a bad day, week or month, ignore it mentally. Don’t keep referring back to it and allowing it to become this mental monster that destroys your confidence.all that matters

Each day is a new 24 hours and you should treat it so. You should attack each day with relish and freshness. I remember times when I was an athlete that things went badly wrong, but I made sure that it was never carried onto the next training session. A negative attitude will allow procrastination to seep into your world.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you eliminate the bad days completely, because you need to learn from them. you have to review what happened, improve your performance the next day and just move on. The only way that you can do this is be taking a look at what you are currently doing and then tweaking and trying out different approaches and techniques.

The key is to always be moving progressively forward. However what most people do is drag up the past and let the mistakes ace their future.

You have to let the bad times go and replace them with good times. All that matters is that you gain momentum and improve daily. It is the same in any career, sport, education or business.

In network marketing you may have been talking to a prospect the day before and completely said the wrong thing to him or her. It doesn’t really matter, because you learn from your experience and get better for next time.

As a network marketer you need to speak to a lots of people, make errors and move a little closer towards becoming competent.

Is it uncomfortable for you? Of course it is, that is what separates you from the herd. Most people won’t like rejection and feeling like a fool. The winners will go through all of that and come out the other end a champion. What about you?

You Inspire Me Daily

Paul Bursey

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Taking That Extra Step Is A Must

Taking That Extra Step Will Be Demanded

Unsuccessful people appear to have a psychological barrier when it comes to success. This barrier seems to prevent them from taking that extra step, in order to become successful. It is like a self imposed mental block, which puts a halt on their ability to breakthrough obstacles.taking that extra step

Why do you think that the average person is not willing to go further? I suppose that they don’t want to make sacrifices in order to achieve.

Maybe it is because they are just uninspired or they just cannot motivate themselves enough to get out of bed. Are they afraid of the hurdles and blockages?

I suppose that is why the top positions in any structure are uncrowded and there is plenty of room for those who choose to be there.

So let us just except that the majority of people are not willing to push themselves enough to get noticed and enjoy the rewards that go with achievement. 

Personally, I think that is sad, that the average person never gets to feel the exhilaration and excitement of actually being recognized as a leader, winner or champion.

Now the number 1 position is the best, but we have to be honest and say only one can get there at a time. Maybe you cannot earn a million dollars or win a race, but you could earn $5000 a month or run a marathon for charity. So my question is what is stopping you?

You have the ability to go that extra mile in life, because that is where the luck and breaks kick in. If you speak to any person who has succeeded in a big way, you will find that the vast majority of those winners in life have had to do much more than is expected.

When I was a manager of a football (soccer) team I generally picked those players that displayed a high intensity to work hard. In a team game grafters are nearly always the first players selected on a team sheet for obvious reasons. Each time a team goes out on the field of play they must do the work first and then impose their skill levels on their opponents.

So taking that extra step is vital for you and your psyche. If you hope to reach a reasonably high level of success in life, careers, sport or business, then you must stretch yourself to the absolute limit to be able to win.

You Inspire Me Daily

Paul Bursey

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Setting Aside Quiet Time

Setting Aside Quiet Time To Find Your Peace

Setting aside quiet time everyday is not everyone’s cup of tea or first choice, but a short period of solitude can work wonders and have a remarkable affect on your day.setting aside quiet time

So, what can quietened minutes achieve for us? There is a lot of chaos, stress and drama that can develop over time. It is easy to get embroiled in situations that quite frankly, are just bad for our health and psyche.

Here are 5 things that solitude can help us with:

1. It helps you relax in the moment. 10 minutes in absolute silence recharges the grey matter and refreshes you mentally.

2. It allows you to get centered. Sometimes we just get lost in our day and it gives you a chance to focus.

3. It keeps you away from confusion and unnecessary noise. Sometimes we just need to be on our own

4. It provides you with the time to reflect on your day. It is always to good to assess our day and to see if we could have done things a little better or different.

5. You give yourself permission to calm yourself. Especially if you have been arguing or in a stressful situation. Consider breathing exercises or meditation as a way of cooling off and collecting your thoughts.

The bottom line is this, quiet minutes are good for us in many ways, whether it is for our health or for our mind. Obviously it is your choice how you use your time, but what I would suggest is just try it and see.

You Inspire Me Daily

Paul Bursey

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Master The Inner Game In Order To Improve

Master The Inner Game First And Then The Outside World

To master the inner game of your mind you have to work at it every day without fail. Most people fear or doubt something about themselves. They question their own competency, their abilities and their decisions.

If you do not master the inner game quickly and constantly, you may well either lose in some respect or restrict your chances of success.master-the-inner-game

My background includes time as a police officer and athlete. I can tell you in both of these arenas there is no room for negative monkey chatter and indecision. You either decide to do or you don’t and on most occasions being decisive and knowing you can do something are enough.

There are going to be times when you question yourself and the actions that you take. By all means review what you do, but only to improve the next time, not to put yourself down.

If you want to win the inner game please read this article. Here is part of that article:

Vietnam Prisoner of War

Captain Sands, like other POW’s, was confined to absolute isolation. There was no physical activity permitted, and any human contact was very limited. He “lived” in a five foot by five foot cage for seven years in isolation.

Though he was confined physically, he realized that he didn’t have to be confined mentally. And so he started the process in his mind of constructing a beautifully perfect golf course. He created this image in every detail, including all of the sights, smells and feelings. He imagined the grass, the trees, even the clothes on his back, and created a mental image of each of the 18 holes. Then he set out to play the course.

Every day for seven years, Captain Sands stepped foot onto that golf course and played a full 18 holes, stroke by stroke. He experienced, in his mind, the wind, sounds, smells, and how it felt to make each of those swings at the ball. And since this was his course, and his game, he hit every stroke perfectly. Each swing was perfect, each approach shot was perfect, and each putt was perfect. Captain Sands had the luxury in that five by five box of enjoying a perfect round of golf every day.

After seven years of perfect mental golf, however, things changed. After he was released and made it back home, Captain Sands scored a 74 on the first round he had played in over 8 years. He had not only not played a round of golf, he had had no physical activity under the harshest of treatment and conditions, yet he shaved over twenty strokes off of his game.

The original article can be found here: Vietnam Prisoner Of War

“There is always an inner game being played in your mind no matter what outer game you are playing. How you play this game usually makes the difference between success and failure.” Tim Gallwey

The inner game must be won in your head first. You can train your mind to help you improve anything you want in life, whether you are a network marketer, sports person, engineer or nurse. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to achieve. What matters is what you repeatedly tell yourself over and over again.

You Inspire Me Daily

Paul Bursey

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Take More Breaks: Productivity Increases

Take More Breaks And Your Productivity Will Go Through The Roof

I learned to take more break and down time and my personal work improved tremendously. Why do you think that was?

It was because I would work for 50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break. I would do this four times a day and also include a lunchbreak for an hour. At the beginning of each 50 minute segment I would start fresh and alive again. Someone called it strategic renewal. I like that.take more breaks

This segmented approach kept my attention at very high and consistent levels all day. This in turn kept my actions sharp and on point.

I found this very interesting article online and I have placed part of that article here because it explains about exhaustion, productivity and time usage.

“To maximize gains from long-term practice,” Ericsson concluded, “individuals must avoid exhaustion and must limit practice to an amount from which they can completely recover on a daily or weekly basis.”

By focusing on limiting our fatigue to a level that we can completely recover from in a timely way, we can help to maximize our time and our productive efforts. Perhaps thinking of work or projects in terms of how they can be blocked into 90-minute chunks could be a good place to start. Who knows, maybe with practice we could even build to keeping our active workdays under that four-and-a-half-hour maximum Ericsson recommended, too.

The key is to keep not only your mind on the move but your body as well. During the downtime I would exercise, meditate, eat nutritiously, drink water and complete a sudoku or two. I have also taken care of my personal development during these blocked times.

I can say to you take more breaks, but at the end of the day you have to find out what works best for you. What is good for me, may not be good for you and vice versa. But I would love to hear what other people get up to during their entrepreneurial work day.

You Inspire Me Daily

Paul Bursey

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Take The First Step Towards Success

Take The First Step In The Right Direction

Take the first step in your business as soon as you can, but do not get ahead of yourself. Frustration, stress and overwhelm appear to affect those people who jump from one thing to another whilst in the learning phase. It can be hard to mentally take in everything that you are exposed to initially.take the first step

Sometimes you just need to back off occasionally and just chill out. Don’t go so far down that rabbit hole, that it makes it so hard to take a break or pull back when you need to. It is easy to get sucked into the bottomless information vortex. 

Your first steps are vital, so find a mentor who has experience in starting people in the right way. There are many areas to master and your head will start spinning if you take them all head on at the start.

As an example, dialogue in prospecting is very important. Now, some people may be great at approaching and talking to new people, but there are thousands who hate it or at least shy away from it. This is because they have not been shown how to talk to people and they don’t know what to say or how to act.

Here are four simple tips that you can use in your first few days when prospecting:

1. Be friendly 

2. Act naturally and be yourself

3. Give everyone you meet an honest smile 

4. Say hello to everyone you meet.

How hard is that? Do you see where I am going with this. Don’t take everything on in the first few days.

The key here is enjoy the journey. Take your time and only listen to the advice of those who are skilled in the specific area you are learning at that time. You really don’t need to overload yourself, Ease your way in and go with the flow.

You Inspire Me Daily

Paul Bursey

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Potential Road Blocks Fuel Determination

Potential Road Blocks Are A Path To Achievement In Network Marketing

Potential road blocks include wasting time, putting things off and a poor attitude. The key is what you actually do about these road blocks or hurdles.potential road blocks

Everyone faces the same road blocks, so what makes the difference in the result getting business? The difference is the level of your commitment, whether you have a strong compelling reason to act and lastly it is about your ability to get yourself into motion as quickly as possible.

Think of your network marketing business as a tale of two races. The first race is a sprint, the 110 metres hurdles to be exact. You stand at the start line and look into the short horizon. What do you see?

If you look down the track you will see 10 hurdles, each one is 42 inches in height. At the end of the straight you will see the finishing line. Your job is to take on this series of challenges and reach the end in under 13 seconds. Can you do it? Only you can answer that one.

You will have to use a combination of strength, technique, skill and courage in order to finish the race competently. It is a journey that must be taken on if you want to achieve your goal. The keys here are speed and momentum, which you will need.

The second race is a marathon, where you will be required to grit your teeth, hang in there and show your fitness and endurance. You need to be competing in both races at once.

Although there are no physical barriers or hurdles in sight, there will be plenty of road blocks that confront you. Things like the fear of looking uncomfortable and falling behind the pace setters. You may be uncertain of the outcome or doubt that you can finish this long arduous race.

There will be potential road blocks, some expected, most unexpected. This is your chance to be a star and achieve success doing what you love to do. So expect and welcome those road blocks, because you can use them to propel you forward.

You Inspire Me Daily

Paul Bursey

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Don’t Give Up When The Going Gets Tough

Don’t Give Up On Your Purpose

Don’t give up. Giving up is easy, as most people find out during their life cycle. Let me ask you this question, “When things get a little hard or too difficult, do you walk away?” In other words are you the type of person who will find a way to break through or are you afraid of the obstacles that the world throws at you?don't give up

Don’t give up. Giving up is easy, as most people find out during their life cycle. Let me ask you this question, “When things get a little hard or too difficult, do you walk away?” In other words are you the type of person who will find a way to break through or are you afraid of the obstacles that the world throws at you?

The breakthrough crowd are few and far between. They are in the top 3% to 5% of network marketers, sports people, entrepreneurs and leaders who refuse to walk away, when confronted by a problem, a hurdle or an unwelcome situation.

Most challenges can be faced and dealt with simply enough. You can always find a way to succeed if you really want to. Now, I know that there are some brick walls that cannot be climbed, but these are few and rare. The big issue here is the individual’s reluctance to take something on and to find a way over, under, around or through a that specific task.

What should happen is that this insurmountable task should be placed at the top of the action list and not set aside or dismissed. Unfortunately a high percentage of people would either run or hide away, rather than oppose the tyrant that was facing them.

It is important for you to jump in straight away and get the job done, whatever it is. If you cannot do it on your own, seek the help of another person, preferably someone who is more experienced. You could also set up a small mastermind group to help each other overcome any problem.

Whatever you do, please don’t give up without a fight. Your psyche will love the fact that you are still in the game and scrapping and you will feel good having dispelled a fear that you might posses.

You Inspire Me Daily

Paul Bursey

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Experience Better Results In Network Marketing

How Do You Experience Better Results?

You are a hungry, impatient network marketer and you want to experience better results. What is that key component that can help you progress rapidly? The thing you are looking for is commitment, the ability to commit.experience-better-results

Commitments are easier than you think and they take a tremendous amount of sacrifice. It is time commitment and work involved which turns most people off. That is why there are so few champions and winners about.

Most people struggle with a simple diet, but what about you? Are you going to win in the game of life or are you going to accept less than what you are capable of getting or doing?

I personally believe that commitment is life changing and enhances your character. Anyone who has been determined enough to fight for their goal or dream will attest to to that. You just feel exhilarated when you reach the conclusion of a quest or aim.

Commitment Is The Bridge Between A Want And A Successful End Game

The success result to your journey is brought about by your actions, which are the main part of your commitment. But you have to commit mentally first in order to compete in this crazy world and achieve.

Commitment is powerful and helps your become more courageous, more bold, more strong and breeds confidence. Super confidence moves you to competence. Commitment therefore is all encompassing and the skill to which you should direct all your energy towards.

In Conclusion

If you want to experience better results then you need to adopt this short sentence and burn it into your mind and soul, ‘commitment to completion’. It is the trait of finishing what you start, unlike the masses who abandon most things freely and often. Now apart from acting smart and focusing, commitment is the way forward for you. Never let anyone get between yourself and your outcome.

You Inspire Me Daily

Paul Bursey

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Success Is One Decision Away

Success Is One Decision Away From Happening

Success is one decision away, it is 90% mental, a mindset thing. For most people the action point never arrives. Why? Because the decision is put off until another day and do you know what? Tomorrow never really comes, does it?

So, you reach a conclusion, that this is something that you really want to do, but this idea will remain a dream, because your resolve and your commitment are seriously lacking. The objective seemed great at the beginning, but you allow procrastination to rule and shelve your plans. At some time later in the future that superb idea attends is buried and consigned to the garbage can forever.success-is-one-decision-away

This not only happens in network marketing, but all facets of life. We delay the action point and strike another negative nail in our fragile psyche. The accumulative effect of these numerous hammer blows take their toll over time, thereby reducing our ability to make meaningful decisions and achieve big.

How Can You Overcome The Disconnect Between Decision And Action?

Actually it is a very simple process to jump over this hurdle and win every time. Once you make that decision you need to get into action within the first 30 minutes. At the very least that day, the quicker the better, immediately if you can.

So let me give you an example of an actual decision that lead to a massive win for myself. Many years ago I used to be a track athlete. A friend of mine threw the gauntlet down to me about taking part in a cross country race. Now I hated cross country and it would have been easy just to say yes and then wave goodbye to my friend and forget what he said.

However I took up that 120 day challenge reluctantly, but still went on to come first in the race. My success was down to three things that I did the day of the decision.

  1. I wrote my goal down on paper, where I could see it everyday
  2. I planned out on paper, how I was going to win in detail
  3. I instantly went out and ran the course. (I ran the same course every weekday for the next 17 weeks).

When you have a purpose, you plan and execute with commitment, the goal is yours, period.You can do this my friend. I promise you.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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How To Become A Rhino

How To Become A Rhino In Network Marketing

How to become a rhino is a question asked by many new distributors. Rhino development is a major growth factor for a network marketer. It is that place where nothing phases or bothers you anymore. Criticism will just glide off of your back like water and attacks on your character are repelled easily. you will need to mature and grow a thick protective skin.

There are going to be haters out there who will want to fight with you verbally, because you want to be different and strive ahead. You are going to ruffle some feathers along the way, but get used to it, because it will happen quite a few to become a rhino

You need conduct yourself with integrity and with a servant’s heart, but that doesn’t mean that you are soft. Quite the opposite, because from day one in the network marketing profession you are learning, experiencing, flourishing and growing.

It is a process of toughening up and not allowing anything to take your focus away from your main outcome. There will be individuals out there who will try to affect you in a negative way and you need to be aware of the dangers of letting these people get under your skin.

You will find that there are people who can be guided and taught who to behave and progress. Also there will others that you must eliminate very quickly in order to keep the momentum going.

5 Tips To Help Grow That Rhino Hide

1. Stand your ground and keep your vision on the goal or dream. Never allow anyone to put you off or quit. Tenacity and perseverance will always win the day.

2. Take the hits that will come your way, brush yourself off and keep going. Learn to make consistency and persistence your best friends and teach it to your team.

3. Never tolerate idle talk, rumor or harmful gossip, it will affect you, your environment and your team. Keep things honest and out in the open. Remove any bad influence from your organization rapidly.

4. Make quality decisions and keep your word. People watch what you do and listen to your words. If you say that you are going to do something you must make it happen.

5. If you make a mistake admit it and put it right immediately or as soon as you can. Team members and other leaders will see that you just like them, in that you can make mistakes also. The key is correcting the wrong with the right attitude.

Now, you can choose to be a rhino or a hyena. A Rhino knows what he wants, stays strong and takes no crap for anyone. He is prepared to fight his corner at any given moment and strikes normally bounce straight off his or her thick skin.

The hyena is a cowardly scavenger who lurks around corners. He or she is weak and looking for the scraps that are dropped or left on the ground by other predators. Hyenas sneer and give the impression that they are probably engaged in gossip and all things negative.

You never see a hyena in the company of rhinos. Rhinos are an endangered species because there are too few of them. Go be a rhino today.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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How To Become A Rhino


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Excessive Drama Is Unhealthy

Excessive Drama Is Unhealthy And Generally Avoidable

Excessive drama is unhealthy and will end your life prematurely, if you allow those toxins into your life on a daily or weekly basis. Ensure that you are not subjected to or allow poisonous relationships to control your world.excessive drama is unhealthy

We all will come into contact with intense conflict over a lifetime. That is a part of life and normally we can handle the stress because nost of the time it is rare. However certain people seem to attract it very easily and they want you to share it around with their family and friends. A little is okay, but a lot and you are in trouble, both mentally and physically.

As a network marketer, you need to eliminate these situations before they become that proverbial snowball running down the hill at speed. Because if you don’t stop the dramatics, they will surely become that runaway train which gains unstoppable momentum.

Don’t ever buy into someone’s bullshit and get wrapped up in conflict. Stay away from these drama queens, otherwise you will start to absorb their garbage. They are taking advantage of your good nature and kindness.

How Does Drama Affect My Business?

Life is too short to allow other people to enter your space if they either intent or recklessly spreading detrimental or harmful vibes or conversation. Because what will happen is that you will become totally consumed and enveloped in their disease.

As far as your business is concerned negative drama will eat away at every part of your life and business. You may start to forget your goals and your plans will definitely be disrupted.

Instead of being cool, calm and relaxed, you will become stressful, angry and restless. Your attitude and your mindset will be damaged and this will lead to a lack of focus and concentration on what matters most. Can you see where this is headed?

Excessive drama is unhealthy and there is no place for it in your personal life or business. Once you make that decision to eject that person or persons from your world you will feel great and you can get back to normal.

Never live your life on someone else’s terms, make a promise to yourself today to control your thoughts, actions and environment. Do not put up with negative people for a moment. Your life will absolutely rock if you choose wisely. You do not want inner chaos to rule.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Challenges Are Easy To Tackle

Challenges Are Easy To Tackle When You Are Determined

Challenges are easy to tackle or overcome at any time, regardless of the severity. Now challenges run all the way from hard obstacles to easy hurdles with everything in between and they can be crushed each time they appear.

You could refer to challenges as problems, but at the end of the day, whatever you call them, they can be beaten into submission. But what would it take for you to be able to smash unwelcome or harmful issues on demand? challenges are easy to tackle

It would require you to be in the right place mentally, to be able to face all difficulties with an expectation of winning. You see, how you feel at that given moment is the key to overcoming trouble.

How Can You Be Successful In Destroying Barriers?

Well the first thing that you can do is remain calm and cool about any given situation. If you get angry, stressed or fearful then these negative emotions will work against you and make the hitch or handicap even greater.

We all need to adopt an attitude of victory, when faced with a stumbling block. Expect to win and overcome the complication or event. This is crucial for your progress. If you feel that defeat is likely to happen, then rest assured you will most probably lose.

If you adopt the mindset that you can survive and thrive, then you are odds on to make it through the unfortunate occurrence and be triumphant. It is so important to be in a good place already before the arrival of any troublesome mess.

Expect To Overcome And Adapt Anything That Confronts You

Personally I look forward to new hindrances, because I know deep inside I can conquer any snag or barricade that turns up and tries to prevent me from achieving my goal. Now there may well be a time when the challenge is too massive for you to overcome on your own. But then you can elicit some help, because there is nothing wrong with that approach.

So when you get hit with what seems like disaster or a beating, take stock, relax and take your time to think things through clearly, rather than adopting saying to yourself, “Woe is me.” or “Problems only happen to poor old me.” Remember it rains on the wealthy to.

You can straddle any bar that is placed in front of you, if you tune your attitude to the right frequency, hit that determination button and enlist the help of others when needed.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Challenges are easy to tackle.

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You Must Know What Result You Want

You Must Know What Result You Want. Otherwise There Is No Point Starting

You must know what result you want. because like an archer, you have to able to see where you are headed and you need a target to aim for in order to stay right on point.

Your outcome must be absolutely crystal clear to you and you must know that you can reach it without question. In other words in your mind the destination has already been arrived at before you begin.

You must be be like the top performing athlete who wants to become the Olympic champion at his chosen sport. You must visualize yourself on the podium wearing that gold medal and listening to your national anthem. It has to be that real, because this is where most people go wrong when they must know what result you want

Knowing What The Result You Want Is Not Enough

The question to answer yourself is, “Why do I want it?” You see there has to be some strong reason why you have to conquer that mountain. If there isn’t a compelling and personal justification to scale the heights, you may well ditch the project when the winter sets in and it becomes cold and dark outside.

If you do not have a white hot burning desire to beat the odds and succeed, you may well hit some hurdle or brick wall and decide that it is not worth keeping on keeping on. Your passion and conviction join with your craving and appetite to launch you towards the finishing line, although it may well be a long way off in the distance.

So if you know what you want and why you want it, you are virtually there. However the last stage is all out massive action. You need to create some exciting daily movement forward. You have to take an idea, visualize it, enthuse it with emotion and then hit it hard consistently. Then you will arrive where you want to go.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Previous Article: Qualifying Prospective Partners

You must know what result you want

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Qualifying Prospective Partners

Qualifying Prospective Partners Saves You An Incredible Amount Of Time

Qualifying prospective partners is very necessary in your quest to build your organization.

This is a skill that few distributors acquire. What you are doing is finding out if that person could be a fit for your business or not. The way you qualify is by asking simple, but very direct and searching questions.qualifying prospective partners

The first step is effective communication. In other words asking the right questions at the right time. So what questions would you ask a person? Well, when you are having a natural conversation with someone the words should just flow along. You do not want to be restricted and you most definitely don’t want it to sound like you are reading a script.

The reason for this appears obvious, but sometimes it isn’t, especially when a person begins their new venture. The key is to build up some rapport, trust and knowledge about that person.

But that new prospect must display certain qualities that are crucial. If that future partner doesn’t tick these boxes then consider cutting them off rapidly. The main thing is not to waste your valuable time chasing after suspects, who will drain your enthusiasm and energy, if you let them.

You are looking for an elite bunch of people who display a white hot burning desire or a very strong compelling reason to build a business. Without this hunger they will struggle big time.

They must be good listeners, willing to be coached and trained. You should pick up this during your conversation with them.

Lastly they have to be willing to roll their sleeves up and graft for a sustained period of time. Find out what they have done previously work wise, sports, business and life in general. This will give you some great clues as to their suitability or not.

If you feel they lack these qualities then let them go, period. They can always become customers of your product. Hope this helps you on your search.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Strive For Excellence

Strive For Excellence Not Perfection

Strive for excellence in everything that you do. Network Marketers are not gymnasts or Olympic divers and do not have to be perfect all of the time. There are many qualities and skills that are needed along the way, but perfection definitely isn’t one of them

Excellence is good enough, because it is all about getting into action now, today. We all know that if you or I wait until conditions are desirable, we will never get started. We all need to begin exactly where we are at that particular moment in time.strive for excellence not perfection

Now this doesn’t mean that you or I should be happy or satisfied with being mediocre or avoid improvement. Because we all need to refine and exceed our expectations continually.

The trouble is that if we make perfection our goal we shall surely fail. No-one can be perfect permanently, because that desired outcome will probably never be reached.

If you were to complete 85 to 95% of your planned actions or tasks, then the chances are that you would become outstanding at what you do. By all means aim for 100%, but don’t be too disappointed if you miss out. you must leave room for error along the path.

Striving for excellence is a brilliant goal, because it has an in built degree of flexibility, which perfection does not. Of course we need to get better, advance and develop, but you should never get frustrated because you didn’t achieve 100%. Be aware that sometimes life, distractions and unforeseen circumstances just jump in front of you and it will disrupt your life and knock you off balance. Sometimes you just have to say, “Things like this are going to happen, so let’s just move on.”

Personally I believe striving for excellence is a wonderful target for network marketers. Perfection is just a dream for most people. Could a person reach perfection? Yes they could, however it would be extremely hard to remain there indefinitely.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Top Performers Execute Better

Top Performers Execute Better Than The Masses

Top performers execute better because they always act like the professionals they are. A professional will always do what is right, work his butt off and improve his craft daily. Progressing every day and each week requires outstanding patience and 1000s of hours practice over time.

The elite performers seek guidance from the very best coaches that are available, they listen intently and then implement without hesitation. They don’t wait around for the conditions to be perfect. They implement their plan immediately and tweak it as they go performers execute better

When I was an athlete I planned two years in advance so that I knew every day what I needed to do to stay on track and compete at the level that I wanted to aspired at. As time goes by it becomes easier for top performers, mainly because they have already put in a tremendous amount of work at an early stage. This in turn gives them the luxury of being able to cruise along when they need to. But when they want to ramp it back up, they can ease right back in at a high level without too much effort on their part.

Top Performers Know Exactly Where They Are Headed

I believe that you have to know your target, goal or outcome before you start putting in the work, otherwise you tend to float out there not really knowing why you are doing the work. Then what happens is that you lose direction, focus and ultimately your momentum. Top performers know precisely where they are going in their chosen path. That is why they are the best at what they do

In Summary

If you want to become a top athlete then research the exceptional talent that is out there. If you want to become the top performer in your network marketing company then study what the leadership actually do on a day to day basis. The bottom line is that whatever you choose to do, you can equal or surpass anyone that has gone before you, if you get your head right and decide to do what is demanded of you, without exception. It is alright to remain where you are, but if elite status is your dream, then find out what the top talent do and do that and more.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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How To Maximize Effectiveness

How To Maximize Effectiveness In 7 Steps

How to maximize effectiveness should be the question everyone should be asking, but few actually do. You see it is all about how you use your time wisely and control your environment.


To be effective in network marketing and in life generally, you have to be intentional with your actions and your time. Now for all you multi-tasking people out there who love spinning plates, take a step back and review some things before ploughing on into confusion and frustration.

Here Are 7 Steps To Help You Maximize Your Effectiveness And Get The Most From Your Day.

1. Write everything down in one book or diary, so that you know where everything is and you can use this for review purposes. Pieces of scrap paper or using a newspaper just won’t do, as you will spend valuable minutes trying to find that one particular note.

2. Spend 10 to 15 minutes at the start of the week planning what critical tasks you want to complete that week. I know it seems like time wasted, but believe me it is much better to work from a written plan. Review your performance at the end of the week.

3. Block out strategic time blocks for each day to ensure those tasks are completed on time. I use 4 x 50 minutes slots each morning to take care of crucial tasks. Remember important tasks first before the emails etc. By time blocking in the morning I actually feel like I have achieved something before lunch. I use an egg timer to stay on track with time. Oh and the other 4 X 10 minutes for the first 4 hours is for making tea/coffee etc.

4. Ensure you minimize distractions, so turn off the landline, mobile/cell phone, let people know that you do not want to be disturbed during your performance time and stay away from social media (unless that is part of your strategy)

5. Make sure that you hydrate regularly throughout your day. This will help you concentrate and stay focused. Hydration is proven to help you in so many ways.

6. Consumed a healthy nutritious meal before you start your work day. This fuels your body and mind for your daily endurance. For those who begin smoking a cigarette, drinking coffee and not eating breakfast before they start, keep doing it, because it is your choice and I am not here to fight with you.

7. Exercise for 30 minutes before you get going in the morning. This is great for focus, clarity and high performance levels. These steps are not in any particular order and I realize that 3 of them are not directly about your work flow.

In Summary

Look guys it is that simple. To answer the question, “How to maximize effectiveness.” Keep it real simple. People tend to keep looking for the answers when they are staring right at them in the face. The key to getting things completed is the use of uninterrupted intentional action time. Now go do your thing.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Mindset Determines Success

Mindset Determines Success Always

Mindset determines success for nearly all people. In other words it matters where your thoughts are when you start out.Your thinking, attitude, expectations and opinions will direct your actions.

It is never easy to adopt the correct mindset every minute of every day, but if you can begin a new task with a the right attitude, you stand a chance of winning.mindset-determines-success

Let me give you a personal example. In 1984 I decided to run in London Marathon. My mindset wasn’t, “Can I do it.” or “Will I finish.” I made a quick decision to run in the race and I had the mindset of completing the run in 3 hours 20 minutes.

It never entered my mind that I would fail at any time. I then put together a two year training program in order to up my game to the level I wanted to reach.

You know that there will be a ton of action that you will need to take care of during the time frame that you have set for yourself, but it will be a total waste of time to have a rubbish attitude and a poor mindset prior to starting out. You might as well spend your time watching reality TV.

To be honest I will not start anything unless I have the expectation of winning or doing really well at it. So if my goal is to generate 100 leads for my business over a 90 day period for instance, it is a done deal before I take the first step. It will happen.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Either You Do Or You Don’t

Either You Do Or You Don’t. There Are No Half Measures As An Entrepreneur.

Either you do or you don’t. This appears to be a true statement, or is it? People normally act or they decide to do absolutely nothing. There is no middle ground, because even if a person starts to do what is necessary in order to get going, they don’t follow through and keep going. They complete a few things and then stop.

Successville will nearly always give you what you deserve and not necessary what you want in life. The Universe will either conspire to help you or it will seem to find a way of stopping you. But really the Universe is allowing you to play a game.either-you-do-or-you-dont

The game is linked to action or a lack of action. If you engaged in the right things you have a chance to win. If you are determined enough the world will get out of your way. But if you are lazy or you procrastinate the world will get in your way and cause problems.

So if you work hard and smart you may succeed, but if you chose the easy way out, then you have no chance whatsoever of achieving anything. There are never any guarantees with success and achievement. You can only do your best.

However I believe that there is most definitely a guarantee of losing or failure if you fail to act, become a couch potato or just loaf around.

There are some grey areas here, but the message is clear and simple most of the time, either you do or you don’t. I am a former athlete and I can tell you without reservation, that you have to graft to be able to reach the end game with a favourable outcome.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Mastery Is A Personal Commitment

Mastery Is A Personal Commitment To Attain Finesse And Proficiency..

Mastery is a personal commitment. It is a series of commitments over a long period of time. It will take a tremendous amount of work to be able to master any worthwhile project, So commitment is very important. Even with commitment it can take years of persistence and practice to get where you want to go.. Someone suggested 10,000 hours as a yardstick, to be able to conquer anything properly. What we do know, is that it requires graft and application on a grand scale to win and win well.mastery

Master is described as, ‘The authority of a master.’ Wouldn’t you like to be referred to as a master? I think it would be cool and I get the feeling that it may well increase the size of your bank balance as well.

Mastery will help you as an individual to improve your execution and in turn, your results. Mastery is at the winning end of your career, education, sport or business. If you master anything, then you are normally trusted and worth listening to.

All high performers master their craft and become powerful in their own way. You can earn mastery over time, but you can’t buy it. You cannot be given the title of master without having made many sacrifices along the way. The question for you is this, “Are you going to aim for mastery or not? I would encourage you to aim for mastery and nothing else.

To win at anything in life will take many hours of planning and massive action. It is all down to the conscious choices that you make both now and in the future. The quality of your choices and your personal commitments will determine your outcome. Your quest for mastery will, most definitely, mould your character in a positive way.

Personal commitments will allow you create great habits and help you overcome insurmountable odds and obstacles. It will take an intense or burning desire to succeed, if mastery is your goal.

Mastery is worth the struggle.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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Busy Leader Or Effective Leader?

Busy Leader Or Effective Leader? Your Reality May Surprise You.

Busy leader or effective leader? It is time to really find out the truth about yourself and your network marketing business. Are you the type of person who appears active,but spends most of his or her time shuffling papers or are you out there in the trenches making it happen regularly?

The test really is the results at the end of your day, week, month or year. The results never lie, do they? The only way to find out if you are spinning your wheels and managing is to look at what you do on a daily basis.


The strategies are the same for the leader as well as the follower. The difference is you as the leader are there to be shot at. People look at you as a leader and watch everything that you do. You can hide as a follower and no-one will ever notice.

What Strategies Are you Implementing Now?

The network marketing profession finds people out. If a personal relationship is in trouble this business will highlight what is wrong. If anyone is lazy, it will be become apparent very quickly. So how can an individual stay on track and not go off of the rails?

Your desire has to be extremely strong, your reasons for building have to be compelling and your outcome needs to be written down. But let’s assume that is all in place. What you need is simple strategies that you can implement with ease and duplicate down into your team.

Stop Polishing The Desk And Moving Boxes Around.

We have all been there, haven’t we? Putting off the things we really need to be getting on with today. We procrastinate and delay all the time. The key is to decide on a great strategy, write that plan down in your diary and time block it. Then you may well have a chance to get into action on that particular day.

If you don’t make a quality decision, write it down immediately and implement that day, I can probably guess your success rate. It will be zero or very near to that. It is time to charge like a rhino, but do it strategically. By all means make rapidity your friend, but be wise and use smart and proven strategies that work.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

Previous article: Love The Hustle And Grind

Busy leader or effective leader

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Love The Hustle And Grind

Hustle And Grind Makes It All Worthwhile

Hustle and grind is the order of the day. You have to fight if you want to progress in any sports or business you need to be forceful. You should be in a hurry and not await around for anybody. Jostle when you need to and be prepared to get rough, not necessarily with other people, but with yourself.

We all tend to sit back and wait or procrastinate on occasions. Some people even put things off their whole life, but not you. You have those times when it is easier to watch a box set right through. I know because I have been one of those people. Then I realized, hustlers move hurriedly. They can’t delay, because they get bored and lose their focus very easily.hustle-and-grind

Grafters and hard workers will grind out a result when others are thinking about having a beer or another bag of pretzels. It is not all plain sailing, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Hustlers learn to graft consistently, scrap to the finishing line and win more often than not.

So what about you. Are you ready to hustle and grind? Are you ready to smash the ball out of the park and crush it big time? Only you can answer that question. The idea is to pound your goals into submission and reap the benefits and rewards. So move, act quickly and pressure yourself to keep going.

Network marketing is a great profession, but you as an individual need to grab it by the scruff of the neck and learn how to build a business rapidly. I always say, “Get what you came here for.” You are kidding yourself, if you don’t understand that you need to hustle and grind in order to achieve.

If you believe that your work-rate is good, increase it by by 5 or 10. Stretch yourself to the absolute limit and be prepared to do whatever it takes and some more to win.

I know that inside is lurking a warrior. You have been holding yourself back, but now is the time my friend. Go do it.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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3 Components To A Bright Horizon

How To get To Your Next Bright Horizon

A bright horizon are words I use describe your next goal or outcome. Because your up and coming target should be exciting and exhilarating to you. If it doesn’t set you on fire immediately then ditch it as fast as you can. Your desired outcome must move you big time or you must find another want or ambition to go after.

If you need this confirmed, go out in your local area at 5am in the morning and see if you can find any dedicated sports people training. You may find one or two, but these are rare specimens who show tenacity and persistence.bright-horizon

There are 3 Components you need to inject into your enterprise, if you want to take it all the way to the chequered flag, are as follows:-

Firstly you need to display exceptional desire in order for you to be able to reach peak performance levels. It is not enough just to operate in an average way. you have to stretch every sinew to keep raising your game continuously. If you stay where you are then you just stagnate and fall backwards, so you must keep growing and improving.

Secondly you have to have an ongoing eagerness to take massive action daily, but you have to be smart, use intelligence and amazing perseverance. You have to become very consistent so that you can produce the quantity required, but at the same time ensuring that the quality is high as well.

Lastly you must have an insatiable hunger to learn new ways of doing things, as well as improving tactics and strategies which are already working. The key is to keep working on your craft, your skill-sets and your mindset. To win and win well you will need to do more than anyone else, be innovative, creative and lead from the front. So if you want the pleasure of achievement, you have to expect things to go wrong occasionally and a whole lot of pain before you become a champion in your own eyes.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Your Life Your Choice

Your Life Your Choice. Hope You Choose A Results Oriented Future.

Your life your choice. This is what I would call a true statement. Why? Because you have the power to say YES and you have the power to say NO. You have the chance to accept an opportunity and you have the right to decline an offer. The only time people can legitimately attack you for saying NO is when you whine and bleat about your woeful situation, having done nothing to better it.

If you are currently working at making your life and financial situation better, then you should be applauded. All I am saying is put up or shut up. Either you do or you don’t. Personally I do not like it when people complain about their lot in life and don’t have the guts or drive to improve it. The world loves a person who does try, but they love a consistent action taker more.your-life-your-choice

Are you the type of person who accepts no excuses and only results. You see that is what it takes to get on in this life. The last thing that you want to have happen to you is being left behind. I would strongly suggest that you become a warrior in your own life and fight for your future, because no-one else will.

Sometimes you have to go against the tide and harness your will. Teach yourself to focus on what matters in your life. It is easy to let things slide. I know because it has happened to me a few times.

If you don’t train you get lazy and unfit. If you don’t pay attention to your finances they get out of control. If you neglect your partner the relationship goes from good to bad and you may do irreparable damage.

We all need to like a sentry on watch over our own lives. Pay attention to what happens close to you. Be aware of the effect that you are having on yourself and your loved ones. If you are presented with an opportunity, don’t dismiss it without spending some time evaluating it properly.

The network marketing profession is a brilliant industry and does work for people, if they work it. However the real challenge is that the individual doesn’t work it like a business from day 1, doesn’t take it seriously and never becomes a true professional. We all need coaching.

Remember it is your life your choice. Choose wisely always.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

p.s. This online system helps me generate leads. Click here, unless you already have too many leads.

Previous Article: Fully Engage To Achieve

Your Life Your Choice

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Fully Engage To Achieve

Fully Engage If You Want To Win

Whatever you decide to do in life, you must learn to fully engage and channel everything you have on winning the game. Because isn’t that why you turned up or have you done it for someone else? I pray that you involved in that new or existing enterprise or project because that is what you really want to do and you are driven to succeed. Anything else is a personal cop out.

To fully engage means to allow yourself to become completely focused with a specific purpose and not allow shiny objects and distractions to derail your progress. You have to focus like the sun and not veer off course. The ability to give it everything is a rare quality shown by the human race. The usual thing is for a person to get initially excited, start a venture and lose patience or interest very quickly and leave the field of play.fully-engage

But you are not like that, are you? You may have been one of those individuals who quit at the first sign of trouble or difficulty, but not now. Why? Because you have had enough of leaving things unfinished. Continuing to ditch businesses and hobbies etc gnaws away at your mental victory list over time and there is only so much one person can take. We all love to win sometimes.

As a former athlete there was only one way to live your life and that was to fully engage. It always hurt, but it was more painful mentally if you didn’t put everything into your passion. If you had a goal or desired outcome you would keep turning up gladly, but if their was a lack of direction, the pain seemed to be more intense.

The key to becoming fully engaged is the belief level. I new without hesitation that I was going to or capable of winning. I believed I would reach my goal without question. That is why I stayed on the path to full immersion. You have to expect to win and expect success. otherwise you won’t be around in the winter when it is snowing and is icy cold.

We all have to understand that as human beings we are more capable than you could ever imagine. You have the ability, talent and necessary qualities to be what ever it is you want to be or achieve. Your first challenge is to become fully engaged in your chosen subject and complete the task(s) required in order to be a winner. Go all out people.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Action Makes You Confident

Action Makes You Confident And Brave

Taking action makes you confident and improves your courage as well. We all have things that we fear or are afraid of. We keep it to ourselves normally and don’t tell anyone about our shortcomings. We hide it and usually don’t do anything about our fears or lack of confidence.

For some people it is about laziness. They just can’t be bothered to fix the problem. But what are you going to do? Deep down inside you feel sick and hate the fact that you haven’t sorted the problem out. You want to change and improve your lack of confidence, but something is holding you back. What is it?actiion-makes-you-confident

The only way you can build your confidence up is by becoming bold and active. You have to get out there, where it is uncomfortable and do the thing you fear. To progress at anything you must take small incremental steps every day to move forward. This will build your confidence bit by bit.

Immediate And Prompt Action Destroys Fear

If you wait long enough you are doomed to stay in the dark. Inaction breeds doubt and indecision, whereas action dispels the bad feelings that you have in your gut and replaces them gradually with good feelings.

If you want to become confident and conquer fear get off of the couch and fight. Don’t sit at home where you will think and fester, Leave the house, take action and get busy destroying the suffering.

Many years ago when I was aged 8 I played for the school soccer team. However they wanted someone to read out a combined match report for the five soccer teams. This was to be at the assembly on Monday mornings, in front of the whole school.

Now for some reason I volunteered to do this. I cannot answer why I did this, because I was petrified on the first occasion. I managed to get through the ordeal and continue doing the same every week of the soccer season. Action makes you confident.

Was I confident before I started? No I was scared to my core, but something inside me told me get on with it and to this day I have trouble on stage when talking from the heart. If I am talking about a specific subject I am bold confident and powerful, but get me talking about how I feel and I don’t do so well.

Was it worth it to make a fool of myself on stage at school? It gave me the confidence to become the athletics champion four years in a row.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Action makes to confident.

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Set High Standards

Set High Standards. Give Your Best Always

Set high standards in relation to your integrity, attitude and work ethic. Because people look at you and to you for guidance and direction. Maintaining high levels of quality and attainment are a must in this world today. You cannot get away with mediocre anymore, but this doesn’t mean that you never do things wrong and make mistakes.

Always let others see that you are doing the right thing, so that you are a great example to follow and a beacon of light that is attractive and easy to follow. The challenge is that the masses do unremarkable and average things. You as a leader or a rising star must rise above the commonplace and run of the mill results, in order to make inroads into the network marketing profession.set-high-standards

Don’t aim for normal, ordinary and usual. Learn to become unique and exceptional. The world has too many unambitious already, you need to strive for unparalleled and unprecedented success and achievement, because that is what people are looking for. Never settle for the normal, it is unattractive and boring.

Setting high standards is about becoming that consummate professional and knocking the ball out of the park consistently. So think how are you going to join the ranks of the top 3%? Because you can do this, can’t you.

Maybe you need to get a coach or mentor to assist you to see the bigger picture. Everyone needs a coach, believe me, even someone like Tony Robbins. You cannot do this on your own all the time. You need advice and counsel from someone who is operating at a higher level than you. But whatever you decide always set high standards.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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The Ability To Keep Going Is Critical

Keep Going Is Sometimes All You Have

Keep going when times get tough. You hear this all the time, but how many of us really dig in and fight when the chips are down. When everyone is telling you to quit. I suspect that if we were all brutally honest there have been days when we threw in the towel much to early.

There are many times when we choose to wimp out and refuse to stay the course and extract the necessary thrill and excitement of completing whatever it is that we have started. Yes there have been occasions when I left the field of battle when I should have remained to fight on. What about you?keep-going

I hated cross country running, but it did teach me the art of persistence and tenacity. Funny enough I never gave up when engaged in this pursuit. There have been quite a few times when I wish I had used this skill or trait to help me through the tough periods in business. But quite a few times I walked away because it was too hard. Hey I being honest here.

There is no doubt that the ability to keep going is critical. Why? Because psychologically it crushes you when you admit defeat. It is another dent in your fragile mindset if you do not give a venture or project everything that you have and much much more.

There have been businesses that I didn’t do very much and there have been others where I could walk away with my head held high. If you can leave the scene of a battle and say, “I did well. I gave it my best shot.” then that is great.

However if you regret not doing as well as you could, then that normally means that you weren’t brave enough, because you could have won. I remember one business where I did absolutely nothing, deservedly failed and yet another business opportunity where I didn’t earn for two years and then hit it big. You just learn I suppose.

Now, assuming all is well and the business I am in is good, then I won’t just hide and let it slip away unnoticed. I will keep going until I succeed. I only got to this point by embarrassing myself enough times, so that it became a joke. Not to others, just me, because I am the one that needs to be impressed with my own effort, no-one else.

I don’t know what it is going to take to make you satisfied and content in life or business. But I do know this, that there has to come a time when you make a commitment to complete what you started. The feelings you will get on finishing the job are fantastic and it becomes just one more thing to add to your victory list. Keep going and never give up.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Stay Away From Dysfunctional People

You Have To Stay Away From Dysfunctional People

Dysfunctional people will ruin your life if you let them. Now you may be one of the fortunate people to be surrounded by fantastic friends and family and that is great. However it can be very easy to allow these toxic individuals to destroy the good that you have created.

The best way I can describe this to you is this. Take a fish bowl and fill it with fresh clean water. Drop a very minute amount of ink into the bowl and watch it change color. This is what happens when you tolerate negative people and allow them to infiltrate your world and poison it slowly. So slowly that you don’t even identify or recognize what is happening.dysfunctional-people

I don’t care if they have been your best or family friends since high school, you need to let them go rapidly. You need to be walking in the direction of peace not into a war. You need to be aiming at contentment and not conflict. It will normally start small and build up over time.

The trouble is that sometimes it is left too late to jettison these uncontrolled viruses, once they become entwined in your life. You must eliminate the daily drama of arguments and emotional situations as soon as possible.

You have to understand that your whole life, not only your business will suffer big time, if you don’t act swiftly. It is your choice which way you go, disaster or abundance, fighting or calmness. Its not really a decision but a lifestyle.

I know this sounds like doom and gloom, but it’s not really. I want to see you thrive and progress in whatever you do and you won’t grow if you are surrounded by garbage. Aim to spend your life smiling, having fun, laughing and being happy.

We all know that bad things can and will happen once in a while. If you have prepared yourself well, you can handle these things easily. If you have allowed these poisonous relationships to linger, then things can and will go down hill fast.

So let go of these dysfunctional people from your life, love them, but don’t spend any time around them because it will become like a cancer that spreads and eats you up and all the good you have created. A further note for network marketers. If these defective parasites remain in your group or team, they will eradicate and wipe out almost everyone over time, so beware.

Understand that you must become a ruthless assassin and act immediately tro rid the organization of this venom. I don’t apologise for this as I have seen it happen on more than one occasion, where a failure to act has become costly.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Defeat That Overwhelmed Feeling

Defeat That Overwhelmed Feeling. Take On One Thing At A Time

Defeat that overwhelmed Feeling today by clearing the decks, both mentally and physically. You will never reach or maintain peak performance without changing your approach to your life or business. This process may have to be dramatic and rapid, as you may have already reached the point of no return.

It is very easy to go from decisive to indecisive or calmness to anxiety. People can become worried, confused and anguished in a short space of time, if confronted with a lack of control, coupled together with too many choices and commitments. If left unchecked stress and fatigue could quite easily occur.overwhelmed-feeling


Don’t Expect Perfection. Strive For Progression

Normally perfection is usually unobtainable, however it doesn’t mean you should stop striving to become the best that you can be. Sometimes our expectations are unrealistically high and that leads to procrastination and negativity. What we should be aiming for is constant improvement through continuous action.

When you start something new or you need to realign your venture or project. Then I would strongly suggest embarking on a mental spring clean. First of all implement something like meditation into your work day, sounds a bit weird, but trust me it will boost your productivity and mindset tremendously. Take on one thing at a time and master it, then add a second, maybe some form of exercise.

You will produce more if you are focused and take care of yourself during the work day. Introduce time blocking also, this is where you work for 50 minutes and take 10 off, as an example. After 2 or 3 such sessions, go and take a break and do something completely different. The result is your productivity will go through the roof. If you are learning something new, you will be able to absorb much more during a day, if you break the day up into segments.

If you were going to learn marketing, you wouldn’t go and buy every book and course on marketing. You would blow your mind and quit shortly afterwards. Yes you need to take action, learn, progress and achieve, but take one step at a time. It takes time to learn your craft and become an expert. Perfection isn’t going to happen, but permanence will happen, if you ease into things slowly and take logical steps, one after another. So, in the case of marketing, it would be smart of you to learn just one subject at a time.

Any time You Feel Under Pressure back Off.

I look at it this way, ever hour is a new hour. Start each 60 minutes fresh and with enthusiasm. The reason you do this is because things go wrong. Have you ever said to yourself, “I have wasted the whole morning and haven’t achieved anything.” But if you split your day up into parts, you can recover your day and still make it a success. There will always be interruptions, just learn to reduce distractions gradually and improve on your productivity over time.

Always clear your mind at the end and the start of every day and week. Many years ago I was a domestic violence police office, with a large case load. I never had more than one file open on my desk. I would work on a case for a while and close it up and put it back in the filing cabinet, before either having a break or getting another case file out. I took plenty of breaks and kept things easy going. I learned how avoid that feeling of being totally overwhelmed. The upside for me was effectiveness, efficiency and greater results. You can do this to.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Defeat that overwhelmed feeling.

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Daily Commitment Holds It All Together

Daily Commitment To Your Massive Action Plan. Core Skill Number 3

Daily commitment is where the work is completed. Mental toughness takes you from beginner to resilience. Laser focus is always in front of you as a kick ass reminder. But committing every day is the cement that binds it all together. Without this dedication or activity a successful outcome is definitely not assured. In fact let’e be honest here and say that it is improbable.

Daily commitment keeps you on your game and involved. Its like developing a habit. I always thought that you could crack any habit in 14 to 21 days. On average though it takes 66 days of action to fix it in your psyche. So to be on the safe side I would strongly suggest 90 straight days of gigantic action. Doing the right things with precision, dedication and tenacity can overcome any challenge.daily-commitment

I have a sporting background, so daily involvement is normal to me. In fact if I am not doing something useful every day towards a goal then I feel that the day has been wasted. Now anything worthwhile will require you and me to hit it hard and consistently, if we want to win or accomplish something that what we really want.

So persistence every day will eventually get you to your destination. There are no excuses here only results. You have to keep chipping away with that hammer until you get where you want to go. The sad thing is most of you won’t continue training, practicing or working away at your dream. Just remember that daily consistency is your main battle plan. Write it down and keep good records and you will see a difference. I promise you.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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3 Crucial Core Skills That Are Demanded

A. Mental toughness

B. Laser Focus

C. Daily Commitment

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Laser Focus Has To Be Clearly Defined

Laser Focus Is Vital Without It You Are Finished Before You Start. Core Skill Number 2

Laser focus is sacrosanct, it is too valuable to be left unused. All top business people and sports stars make serious use of this core skill. As I mentioned above, without crystal clear focus zeroed in on specific target, you are doomed to failure generally.

Can you imagine an archer trying to hit the bullseye if he was blindfolded. Of course it would be ludicrous, wouldn’t it. That archer would fail 100%. But what about you, have you goal in mind that you will fix your focus on? Even when I was training for the marathon (fixed date and distance) I was using particular landmarks to aim at on each run, so that I stayed on course to reach my desired outcome.laser-focus

How do you or anyone else for that matter hope to reach a target that you don’t have? There have been times when I didn’t even realize that I hadn’t chosen a clearly defined target and to be honest my performances and my results suffered badly. It’s ok, because we have all been there. However the sooner you sort your precise and defined target up there where you can see it the better.

A laser focused target could be as simple as a large white card with a number written on it, placed on the fridge. e.g. $1000 or a time such as 3.20 (marathon time aimed for). It could be a sentence such as, ” I ran the marathon in 3 hours 20 minutes on April 30th 1986.” It doesn’t matter how you do it, just do it. I don’t know why it works it just does. Maybe it is because you see it in front of your face several times each day. I don’t know, but what I can say is that it worked for me.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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3 Crucial Core Skills That Are Demanded

A. Mental toughness

B. Laser Focus

C. Daily Commitment

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Mental Toughness Is Invaluable

Mental Toughness Is Critical. Core Skill Number 1

One of the first characteristics or traits that you need to master is learning to become mentally tough. You find that the vast majority of people will quit, stop or just give up at the first sign of hardship or when confronted with a brick wall. Being mentally tough relates to mindset and teaching yourself to fight for your desired outcome, rather than the ability to be aggressive.

Mental toughness is about the ability to take on adversity, regardless of the challenge and come through the other side. In other words you have to know your outcome and persevere with tenacity to reach that goal.mental-toughness

Many years ago I was in the police cadets, prior to becoming a full time police officer. It was a fantastic experience for me personally. A large part of what we did involved physical education, which included adventure training. Adventure training was a combination of mountain climbing, hiking and team building. As a group we would walk 40 to 50 miles with back packs,  which contained everything that we would need to survive in the Welsh hills. We weren’t given special food packs, we carried tins of food and other such items, which were heavy.

Now although I was an athlete and used to train hard for events, When confronted with something like hiking, I would start slow, but always finish strong. Initially I would get left behind by the others on the first day. By the second and third day I would be at the front and quicker than  anyone else. My fellow members were like hares for a while but were then overtaken by a persistent tortoise. Mental toughness and physical fitness go hand in hand, but if you are not mentally right, you can forget the physical side.

So mental toughness is essential for your journey, whatever that may be. So regardless of what happens to you, you just keep going, keep chipping away, keep putting one foot in front of the other. That is why only a few make it to the finishing line and most just fall away to mediocrity and abandon their quest. So which side of the fence do you want to be on?

Without mental toughness you will not succeed in life to any great degree. Network marketers need to prepare themselves for the long haul and how to deal with disappointments. Challenges will come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Obstacles normally come when you least expect them and in clusters. So accept and understand barriers will arrive and know you can overcome anything, if you really want to.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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3 Crucial Core Skills That Are Demanded

A. Mental toughness

B. Laser Focus

C. Daily Commitment

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Break Out Of That Cage

Break Out Of That Cage And Never Hold Yourself Back.

Break out of that cage today, because as a network marketer you need to be bold, powerful, confident and seen by everyone. There is no hiding place when it comes to this profession. IF you want to be a top leader and receive the big money. Even earning reasonable money will require you to stand out and become an effective marketer.

What normally happens is that the majority of people remain hidden from the sight of their perspective partners and customers. If this is the case you can guess their results. Pretty much zero I am afraid. But what about you? You showed a tremendous amount of promise and enthusiasm, but life got in the way and you lost hope and direction I suppose.break-out-of-that-cage

You probably backed off from talking to people and you et your work ethic suffer. Is or was that the case? Normally it is you that is holding yourself back from making an impact in your own life, which is the real problem. For some reason you are not prepared to do what is necessary to be a success. So the questions remain, “Do you expect to be a success?” and “Are you ready for achievement today?”

Break Out Of That Cage And Stay Free

Most people voluntarily secure themselves in that proverbial dungeon hoping secretly that all this goes away. Why is that? Because building a network marketing business requires a purpose, a strong reason or desire in order to begin. Now you may have had that at the start or you may not. So let’s assume you did have a goal or outcome that you wanted.

Why has it all gone sour for you? I suspect because of two reasons, 1. You made little money and 2. You couldn’t generate enough leads. Why do I know that? Because most distributors say that. It is quite prevalent in our profession. So what do you do?

First of all break out of mental prison and start enjoying life. Make your network marketing business fun, but at the same time vow to become a true professional. You must be tough, concentrate like a sniper and train every day. Once you have sorted these three things out you are ready to get into massive action. It normally doesn’t work the other way round.

Oh and you can take action whilst you are training as well. But whatever you do break out of that cage as soon as you can. You know the one that has arrows pointing at you saying loser.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Break out of that cage.

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How To Remember People’s Names

How To Remember People’s Names. It Makes them feel valued and leaves a great impression.

When you meet someone, try to use or say their name as many times as possible. Make sure it is natural to the conversation and doesn’t give the impression you are doing it on purpose. If you get a chance make a note on your cell or mobile phone. When engaged in dialogue always concentrate on that person and maintain eye contact if you can.

Associate their name with a famous person or something catchy like Mickey Mouse or Bob the builder and commit it to memory. The sillier the name the better, as you are more likely to remember the name if it makes you laugh. Ask for a business card, if they have one. This will help to reinforce the association.

At some stage make good notes and write their name down (more than once) with some details about them that are pertinent to your chat, such as career, kids, where they live. Everything that you do will lock their face and name in your memory.

Why Should You Remember People’s Names?

There are many reasons why you should make the effort to remember a person’s name. If you use a person’s name it makes them feel worthy, important and valued. You should always strive for the feel good factor. WHY 1: MAKES THAT PERSON FEEL VALUED

It also leaves a fantastic impression that you actually care. Most people when they talk to someone are just waiting for their chance to speak. You should always ensure that you use conversation generosity when talking to another.

If you say or remember the name it also makes you feel like a professional. But the whole key to doing this is so that when you speak to them again you know something about them that you can weave into the conversation. e.g “How is your job going at the insurance company…..?” This collection of useful knowledge helps you prospect much easier, because the other person is more open to what you say, as long as you are as genuine as possible and conduct yourself with integrity.

Remember: Although I wouldn’t recommend this way of prospecting on it’s own. It is the best way to help the conversation go smoothly. So practice, practice and practice some more. Face to face sends your confidence through the roof.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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How to remember people’s names

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Become A Problem Solver

Become A Problem Solver. It Could Be Worth Millions

Become a problem solver. It sounds so simple, but this is where the money is and it also feels good to help someone. Be the person with the solutions and answers. Now we are in the network marketing profession and it is job to present our business at the right moment, but not before you enter into some meaningful dialogue and find out if there is a sale to be made or opportunity to be offered in the first place.

The challenge for the network marketer is selecting the best time to make the approach. I would suggest finding out all you can about the person and their situation in the beginning. Now obviously this means you will have to talk to that person and ask some searching questions in a conversational way. If you ask the right questions, you will most probably receive the signals you are looking for.become-a-problem-solver

Now the only time you should violate the rule of patience and probing, is if that person is leaving and you will not see them again. At that point you should at least agree to stay in touch, but only practice will help you to be able to deal with any situation.

Either Supply The Answer Or Know Where To Find It

As I mentioned before, become the person with the solutions, but also know that if you cannot supply the answer immediately, know where to go and find the way forward for that person. This could be worth a fortune to you in future.

Here are three questions I have been asked recently during conversations and here are my responses:

Q How can I learn what to say to a prospective partner?

A When I wanted to become a professional at conversational dialogue I went to an expert, Michael Oliver at Natural selling. His newsletter is free and that has great tips. I purchased his book and the audio program. These tools plus plenty of practice taught me to be bold, powerful and confident when speaking to people.

Q What is the best way to learn blogging?

A I would suggest paying attention to Pro Blogger They have 1000s of posts with blogging advice, tips, and in-depth tutorials. Darren is the best at what he does.

Q How do I get more leads?

A That is simple to overcome. I strongly suggest heading to MLSP My Lead System Pro. They are experts in generating leads.

You see questions 1 and 2 I would send you to experts in their field. I would not earn any money from recommendations, because the key is being totally honest and sending you in the best direction, not what i want. Question 3 is very easy also. I sent you to the best total marketing platform on the planet. Yes I would receive an affiliate commission if you went on and purchased, but I feel good about that, because MLSP are proven experts too and have been around the longest, as far as I know.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Become a problem solver.

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Give Your Undivided Attention

Give Your Undivided Attention. Be There And 100% Available

Give your undivided attention to everything that you do. What this means is that if you are having dinner with your significant other, then actually concentrate on them, nothing else. Don’t quickly sneak a look at your mobile or cell phone. It is quite rude, offensive and a big put down to be sitting opposite a jerk who is more interested in his cell phone than you.

Personally I ban phones, laptops and the TV when I am spending time with my girlfriend or having a family dinner, which in this day and age is happening less and less. You should be looking in their eyes not at Pokemon. There are enough distractions in the world without you adding to them.give-your-undivided-attention

One of the ways you can rid yourself of this need to go online all of the time is to keep office hours or blocking specific time to get your work done. When you are done you walk away from the electronic world of Facebook etc. So set aside time for prospecting, calling your leads, marketing and sales. Sometimes it is hard to tug yourself away from You Tube and Twitter, but it isn’t imperative to stay on the internet until the candle burns out, because you may lose your life and family.

People Are More Important Than Gadgets

Give your undivided attention to dialogue, conversation, just plain old chatting.We should all spend a part of our day talking to the people that matter in our lives, finding out how their day has gone or is going. If you miss this then you are basically throwing the most valuable resource that you have down the drain or discarding it in the gutter.

How do I know this? Because I wasted some wonderful years and lost time with my kids because I was too concentrated at work earning overtime. Don’t get to a time in your life when you say to yourself, “If only.” You cannot get time back. If you miss time reading a book to your child, it is irreplaceable.

I don’t really like the words life balance, but I love the idea of setting aside time for the important things in life. Are you ever going to get it perfect? Of course not, but you can keep striving to being attentive to what matters most to you. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES THAT ARE ACCEPTABLE

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Stay Hungry Permanently

Stay Hungry Permanently

Stay hungry permanently relates your life and how you approach it over the long term. Most people tend to hit it hard and then stop and have periods of self indulgence or laziness. But they key to enjoying life is to always be striving for something that you really want, for as long as you can. This attitude gives you purpose and it is not necessarily about wealth or power.

We all know people who reached 25 or 30 and died mentally. They have accepted their lot in life and lose all that juice, joy and passion for their life, their dreams, goals and ambitions. They allow life to get them down and drag them into mediocrity and that early coffin. You have to stay alive and stay hungry for living.stay-hungry-permanently

When was the last time that you were spontaneous and showed that there was some creativity, excitement and innovation in your business, personal relationships or family life? You have to keep things fresh and lighthearted in order to enjoy life to the fullest, in my humble opinion. I have got it wrong so often in the past. It is not always easy, believe me, but we should never lose that ability or that hunger to make life fun and worthwhile.

Stay Hungry In Network Marketing

There have been many times that I have lost the plot and forgot to stay hungry and active in network marketing. I suppose I just life get in the way and dictate how I spent my days, instead of taking those 168 hours per week and teaching myself to be committed and on fire. You see in order to make it in network marketing, you need to become and remain a firestarter.

What does being a firestarter mean in this profession? Well being prepared to do whatever it takes to hit the level or rank that we satisfy your wants and desires. I would suggest the best way to do this is to start small fires in many places and be prepared to go and help those people build. The key is to only work with those who deserve it and show great promise, not just anyone.

To be a firestarter will require you to know what you want and be a go getter on a big scale. The biggest thing apart from doing it, is keeping your word and also becoming the type of person who lives and breathes massive action, an example to all. If you say you are going to do something then you better do it or face the consequences. In order to win you need to stay hungry permanently.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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Stay Hungry Permanently

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Energy Passion Drive

Energy Passion Drive: You Will Not Succeed Without These Qualities

Energy Passion Drive: Without these components, anything you partake in will be a flop, most probably. You must have enthusiasm or there is no point in even starting a project or a venture in the first place. Along with the strong reason or dream, these attributes come first on the long road to your desired outcome.

Can you imagine Mo Farah or Usain Bolt going into the RIO Olympics without strength and vitality. Both are required for sustained physical or mental activity. The same goes for you and me, we need to display certain characteristics in abundance if we want to achieve or win. I can just imagine an athlete inspiring confidence in his nation, if he was walking about the Olympic village bored, lack lustre and slouched. It doesn’t happen in the world of achievers, does it? You must ooze energyenergy-passion-drive

So inject the necessary energy into everything that you do. You cannot have an poor attitude or bad self image, if you want to be first to the tape and win that gold medal. Remember you can still win by not getting the gold. You are still a champion as long as you have given it your best shot, your absolute best.

Loving What You Do Will Ensure Success If You Are Hungry

As Steve Jobs said, “You must love what you do.” if you don’t then get out right now, because you are in the wrong job, sport, career or business. I could not be involved in anything I didn’t love and enjoy. I can honestly say that working for the police from September 1971 until December 2006 was great and I enjoyed 95% of it. When I was an athlete and soccer player I just loved being out there on the track or pitch and giving it my all.

Now loving what you do does not mean that it won’t be hard. You are going to have some crap days, but on the whole you must look forward to getting up every day and getting into the grind. To win you have to be excited when you wake up and want to get into the fray as soon as possible. It is your passion and work ethic that will shine through. You must have passion for what you do or you are just spinning wheels in your life.

Once you are there at the track or on the soccer field this is the place to employ that thing called drive. This is where you propel yourself forward with relish. You use drive to maintain momentum and motivation to help you attain a goal or satisfy a need. To use drive you must want it badly enough though. So utilise energy passion and drive to their fullest capacity in order to be victorious.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Energy Passion Drive

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Effort Is So Important

Effort Is So Important For Your Soul, Mind And Spirit

Effort is so important to your network marketing business. Your team members or group watch what you do and are more likely to copy you. So if you are lazy, they will be too. If they see you out front speaking to perspective partners and customers they will probably do likewise.

Your mindset about grafting and work is vital for your believe system as well. If you are a hard worker this will enhance your belief levels and spur you on to greater things.effort-is-so-important

Without the required belief in yourself, your team and your business you will wilt away and disappear from sight most likely. Effort produces momentum, which then produces results.The outcpme you reach is determined by the effort that you put into your business, assuming you are smart, focused and persistent.

Effort Expanded Will Pay Dividends

If you are putting in smart and massive income producing activities over 90 day periods consistently, you will reap the rewards over time. Remember it is important who you become on this journey of discovery that matters most. The money will come if you focus on doing the work.

Effort or what I like to call sweat equity is a necessary requirement of building a network marketing business. As they say never confuse activity with accomplishment. It is critical that you only do what matters most in your business.

Learn to review your effort with a successful person within your company, so they can advise, coach, mentor and mastermind with you. This way you will not be expanding unnecessary effort in the wrong places and be able to tweak and test new things as well, but under guidance and direction, rather than ploughing on your own without thought to the outcome.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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Effort is so important.

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Fail Forward Keep Learning

Fail Forward Learn On The Move

Fail forward is the only way I know of learning anything. That is why I make loads of mistakes and keep coming back for more. I keep getting it wrong, tweak it and progress onward and upward. How do you feel about that? I wanted to be a public speaker at age 11 years. When I started I was so nervous the paper I was holding was visibly shaking. During my first school report I had to stop and ask the teacher what the word initiative meant and I had written the report. It has gotten a little better since

Even at my tender age I struggle with some public speaking. Normally when it is about me. I am very good when I speak on a subject that I have researched or have great knowledge on, but the heart stuff, no. Suppose I better keep training for that big event.

Never Be Afraid To Ask Questions

Luckily I have never had a problem with seeking help and asking the right people. I think that this is key in any profession. Some people don’t know, don’t ask and remain ignorant. They just get embarrassed I suppose. Me, I always go to the top to get my questions asked or find the information that I want. How about you?

People sometimes ask me when I am driving, “How comes you know your way about so well?” I answer, “Because I make a point of driving as many routes as possible, making numerous errors and not being afraid to consult maps or ask.” You know that you cannot always trust GPS or satellite navigation. But the key is that if you want something just ask.

The Universe Has A Way Of Helping You If You Are Determined Enough

It really doesn’t matter if you are good at something or not. Make the decision to do it and the world steps aside and the solar system just seems to find out and it tells everyone else. But this only works if you are act powerful enough and are decisive.

You can fail forward regardless of the number of mistakes you make. I remember at age 10 I couldn’t play soccer/football very well. I decided to train every evening for one hour (weekdays only) over a two year period. I spent my time learning and teaching myself every conceivable way of simply controlling a ball. The result was EUREKA. At the end of that period I qualified for a professional trial with Chelsea FC. You to can fail forward and succeed.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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Build Valuable Relationships

Build Valuable Relationships Is Key To Success

To be able to build valuable relationships in the network marketing industry is one of the most important components of success. This combines a group of skillsets together with a sharp and alert mindset. You could say that this subject comes from and encompasses the material taught in the book, How To Win Friends And Influence People, written by Dale Carnegie.

People are attracted to people or in a lot of cases repelled. Attraction is the main thing. People will only deal with people who they know like and trust. Now these partnerships can be created in seconds/minutes or over a lifetime and it really doesn’t matter, because they become mutually benficial to all

Why Concentrate On Bonding And Relationship Building?

Well firstly it just feels good to have a common bond with people and deal with them in the right way, which is basically how you would want to be treated by someone else. Secondly it makes economic sense, because if they like and relate to you they will join your business. This in turn will make you money. It isn’t calculated, just a natural progression.

So you never focus on the money, you always focus on building strong relationshis and connections with others. You never know when that particular friendship will climb out of the shadows and work for both of you. It may be after the first meeting or it may be after the 7th meeting, who knows?

Smile, Be Real Nice And Stay In Contact

It is all about being genuinely nice, professional and fun to be around. People want to know that you care and they aren’t just a number. There are many fasle people in this world, so make sure you don’t become one.

On your journey you must learn to avoid nastiness, gossip and negativity as much as you can. Try not to act spontaneously unless it is positively. It is easy to rub people up the wrong way and burn bridges that may well have become worthwhile at a later date.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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Bui;d Valuable Relationships.

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Challenge Is A Springboard

Challenge Is A Springboard To Success


If someone throws down the gauntlet, how do you respond? Do you accept gladly or do you shy away? Personally I thrive on a good challenge as long as it makes me work to get there and there is some risk involved. I also love it when I am told it can’t be done or it is too hard. I would do just so that I can say to that person, “I thought you said it was too difficult?”


Be Open Minded To Challenge

We should all have an open mind when it comes to a challenge and welcome the opportunity to stretch ourselves and push forward with new and exciting projects. If we avoid challenges we rob ourselves of the chance to do something different and exhilarating. Sometimes the dare handed us is too juicy to let go and you just have to grab it with both hands and go for it.

A challenge can be the catalyst to exponential growth in the future. Some people need a nudge so that they can fulfil their potential. Unfortunately the chance to shine normally remains dormant in most individuals. They need a shove or a shock to get them going. Are you the type of person who needs a reminder to win or achieve? Choose a challenge and go with it.

Challenges Breed Confidence

You don’t have to participate in a competitive situation, but it doesn’t hurt. It can be you against yourself and not necessarily versus an opponent. Remember this that each challenge helps you grow and become stronger, either mentally, psychically or both. It could be that you just need to prove something to yourself or justify that you made good decisions previously.

There is absolutely no doubt that being involved in contests of any description build and breed confidence within yourself. You are proving to yourself that you can do it too. Challenge is a springboard to increased ability and skills in many areas. The feelings you will receive by pursuing a challenge will most certainly take you out of your comfort zone. Your mind and body will flourish accordingly.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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Challenge is a springboard.

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Always Aim For The Next Level

There Is Always A Next Level

There is a next level for everyone. It doesn’t matter where you find yourself or how good you are, you should always be striving to improve. Is there a ceiling to your personal growth, absolutely not? For us mere mortals in network marketing, we must always seek better ways of doing things in the future. We should never stop seeking knowledge and implementing action plans.

Even the so called superstars of sport, know that they have to keep practising and learning new ways of doing things to remain at that top of their game. I used to be an athlete and I can tell you that we were always looking for new ways of training, not only to make it more interesting and fun, but to learn how to grow and improve much faster.

No matter who you are, or how successful you are, there is always a next level to aim at.


There Is Always One More Thing You Can Do

Take the area of generating leads. It is very easy to get lazy and just rely on the same old ways of lead generation. Now this does not mean that if you have a way that works, abandoning it. What it does mean is continuing to search for for new sources of leads, because who knows when that specific way will dry up. If you get fat and happy with your old ways, it may all come tumbling down if you are avoiding innovation and technology. In other words have plenty of reserves in the tank to call on.

The bottom line is this, stay on top of things and keep abreast of exciting new developments as they happen. Try and tweak the old ways, if you can, with the view to improving them. Always seek the next level up in everything that you do. Make awareness your best friend and pay attention to what is happening around you.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

5 Step Formula

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Can You Guarantee Success?

Can You Guarantee Success? Not With Any Certainty.

Can you guarantee success? No, I don’t think you can, because you never know what is going to happen in the future. I can guess what might or probably will happen, but not the ultimate outcome. No-one knows that.

You might ask the question, “Well what is the point of trying then?” I think that is a fair question. well, there are very few certainties in life. Even smoking you r whole life does not necessarily mean that you are going to get lung cancer, but the chances are increased dramatically if you ignore being healthy.


It’s About Increasing Your Chances Of Success

In network marketing it is about taking massive action, as it is with most things, so long as you never confuse activity with accomplishment. This means you have to take the right actions, not just any old thing. So, if there is a proven way of doing things stick with it, don’t change what is working. However you also need be aware of the creative and the innovative, as these may help improve your performance.

Hang on though, you said, “You cannot guarantee success.” Yes but you can virtually do it by your work ethic, attitude and mindset. Let me explain from personal experience. Now bear in mind it is who you become on the journey that is just as important.

In 1984 I decided to run the London Marathon, but I was only fit for soccer, not road running. I knew it would take a lot of work to do it properly. I was never one of those who turned up in a superman costume. I set out a two year plan in detail so that I could run the marathon in 3 hours and 20 minutes.

I stuck to the training plan (95%) and on the day I was expected to run 3.20 or thereabouts. I was super fit and ready. I ran the first half of the marathon slightly too fast and reached Tower Bridge in 1.44, so I slowed down slightly. Now it was a cold damp day with rain and at 14 miles my hips seized up.

Now I had run 20 miles in training easily, so it wasn’t that I was entering unknown territory. I had to stop a couple of times between 14 and 21 miles, but managed to run through the discomfort. At 21.5 miles my cruciate ligament decided that my body had had enough and I had to stop. I managed to finish the marathon in 4.57, because I walked the rest carrying an injury which prevented me from running anymore.

In preparation I had run 900 miles, but on roads. I hadn’t varied the types of terrain and I paid for it at the worst time, when I thought it would be fairly easy. Can you guarantee success, not really. I did feel like a winner, because I had completed what I had set out to do. Now what about you? Are you ready to be a gladiator at network marketing or anything that you are willing to put your time and effort into?

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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Can you guarantee success?

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Maximize Your Potential

Maximize Your Potential Or Lose It, Maybe For Ever

Maximize your potential or face mediocrity. Most people never achieve very much at all. The masses are afraid of a good challenge and the chance of doing something outstanding. Everyone can do so much more than they are currently doing and direct their potential towards massive success, but normally they don’t. why do you think that is?

Can you bounce back from being knocked down? The ability to pick yourself up is crucial to the development of your potential. You are going to be hit big time at some stage and also receive a series of little hits that you don’t notice each time they happen. You must learn to ride the small strikes and climb off the ropes when the massive punches arrive.


Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

A lot of the time you will have to do things that you don’t really enjoy or like. This is all part of your degree course. We all have to do things that we hate on occasions, don’t we? Network marketing is no different to anything else really. You are always going to be called on to step outside your comfort zone.

Uncomfortable is where the money is made. Remember how you felt when you were asked to speak for the first time. I bet you didn’t really relish the up and coming speech? If you have been asked to speak in the future and it is your first time. How do you prepare? Remember the first time that you had to call a perspective partner or customer. How did you feel then? Basically you will or have had to overcome the anticipation, nerves and fear of doing such things. But know this, you will have to if you haven’t already done so.

Success Is About Constant Improvement

There is a learning curve in network marketing. It is all about never ending and persistent improvement on your part and later your team or group. As individuals we are either growing or decaying, as there is no middle ground here.

Keeping seeking and finding new ways of marketing, so that your business remains fresh and alive. We all should strive to get better at what we do and as you increase the size of your business, this will even more vital.

I will leave you with this. You should always do all you can to maximize your potential. Never cease of finding new creative and innovative ways of generating leads and learning how to speak to them. Remember this is the life blood of your business.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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Dial Down The Stress

Dial Down The Stress So That You Enjoy The Ride

Dial down the stress relates to how your everday life, your business, your family life, your career etc, affect you. Stress is a killer and I would suggest finding ways of making your experiences in network marketing less painful and more enjoyabel. Everyone’s circumstances are unique, however there is never an excuse for not getting the job completed.

A lot of people make excuses and unfortunately 70% of individuals never do much of anything. The majority of people are lazy and cannot be bothered to do anything about their lot in life. Thankfully the other 30% actually make something of their business and find ways of fitting everything else into their lives. That last group also find ways of relaxing and dealing with things as they happen.


How Do We Deal With Stress?

Personally I cannot talk about you and how you run your life, mainly because we all have our own seperate ways of handling the mundane, the boring and the problems. We all have challenges during our week. Some people fix obstacles quickly and are okay with what happens, but others stress out, panic and get angry. Remember that it rains on the rich also.

One of the biggest hurdles is learning how to overcome life’s little annoyances. It is all about perception and rapid action. If you see problems as impossible, hard and stressful, they will indeed be so. But if you see events as solvable, possible and achievable, then you will live a calm life.

What Are Some Specific Actions I Can Take To Alleviate Stress.

I would suggest involving yourself with massive action, but also allowing yourself to work at your pace, not someone else’s agenda. This doesn’t mean missing team calls and training of course. What it does mean is organizing your life to fit around your business and at the same time ensuring you give quality time to your partner, family and any other area of your life that is important.

As far as specific actions that you can take to avoid stress. I would suggest things like, meditation, yoga, exercise, reading and solitude (quiet time just for you with no interruptions). I spent quite some time putting together my own morning rituals, which included the above items and things like hydration, nutrition, eating a healthy breakfast and stretching etc. My advice is find what works for you and don’t get bogged down with the unecessary rubbish that we all do on occasions.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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Dial down the stress.

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It Is Not About Today

It Is Not About Today. It Is About The Future

It is not about today, it is about building a legacy, something to leave the ones who matter to you. Yes, you are going to do the work today, but the rewards won’t be there in the next 24 hours, will they?

Remember Rome wasn’t built overnight, so you cannot expect your dream, project or business to rise out of the ashes in a short period of time. It is going to take consistent effort to achieve your wants and desires.


The Grind Is Fun

If you want to put together a winning run or become a champion you have to be prepared for the grind of training. In this case the grind is fun, but it is really hard work. You will need the ability to show up every day if you want to climb into the top echelons of your profession, business or sport.

All too often individuals say they are going to hang around and win, but in reality most just go home, never having really put forth the sweat equity required. I can tell you, having been an athlete, you have to enjoy (pay) the price of success for some considerable time, before you see the fruits of your labor.

You see if it was about today and just these 24 hours we would all win regularly and that is not how this world works. When the world is impressed enough, it will move aside, but it deosn’t move because you want it to. You have to earn it.

So when you plan your venture or project, factor in your 10,000 hours of practice and industry, before you tell people that you are going to do this or do that. Be prepared for a lot of sacrifice on your journey. It is not about today. It is about tomorrow and the next day. You do the work daily and the rewards will follow, when you deserve them.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

5 Step Formula

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Focus Commit Adapt

Focus Commit Adapt To Move Forward

Focus commit adapt was the theme of a talk I saw and heard in 2009 in Hawaii by Eric Wahl. His talk had a great impact on me at that time. I recorded a short video of him on stage, which you may find interesting.

Erik Wahl is not only an internationally renowned graffiti artist, but also author, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is a recognized artist and speaker who can inspire professionals to achieve greater levels of performance using art as a vehicle.

Erik is able to redefine the idea of a ‘keynote speaker’. He uses stories from his lie as both a businessman and an artist, and has grown to become one of the most wanted corporate speakers available today.


Source: Eric Wahl

Focus Like A Hawk

Have you had times when you wanted to concentrate on thing, but for some reason you just couldn’t? Whether that was because of outside influences or just your inability to focus at that moment. I think we have all been there, so what must you do?

Learn to focus like a bird of prey like an Eagle or a Hawk. They zero in on just one thing and strike. The difference here is that you are not focusing for just a few moments, but time chunks of up to 50 minutes or more. Tip: “I find that yoga improves my powers of concentration.” It may help you to.

Commit To Completion

We all know that we can be distracted by things, but is that really an excuse? In my humble opinion it isn’t. We as human beings must learn the art of focus and finishing what we started. If we lose our way after 5 or 10 minutes, work at increasing it to 15 minutes and so on. Making it a success habit to focus on one thing and complete it.

Believe me you will great if you can teach yourself to get to the end and complete your task successfully. It is all about training and habits. It isn’t going to happen overnight, you have to work at it daily.

Adapt To Your Surroundings

You must also have the ability to adapt to the situation at hand. Learn to be flexible in your approach to everything. The key to achieving is finding ways to overcome challenges and obstacles with creative and innovative ways. Teach yourself the skill of attacking problems, not only with relish, but ingenuity as well.

Remember no two problems are alike. Find ways of going around, under, through or over. Don’t give up at the first serious block or hurdle. Take a relaxed approach to problems, but also add in there good old tenacity as well. Lastly don’t forget to seek or ask for help. It is always good to mastermind or be coached. Focus commit adapt.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

5 Step Formula

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Focus commit adapt

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Lead Generation Sucks

Lead Generation Sucks. But It Can Be Simple And Easy

Lead generation is a necessary evil in the internet marketing, direct selling and network marketing worlds. It is something you must have, but hate getting involved in. When it is flowing we think it’s great, but when it isn’t we loathe it.

Your business is not going to move forward without learning marketing and lead generation. Do you agree? I hope you said, “Yes.” So if that is the case how do move forward with this frustrating part of your project.


How To Generate Leads Effectively

Even if you are not bad at lead generation it doesn’t do any harm going back to the basics at some stage. Obviously if you are stressed or a newbie you will want the load eased as much as possible. Because lead generation is the main thing that will destroy your eagerness and excitement, especially if it is failing.

Now the key is not to waste time as this commodity is much too valuable to throw away. So find a medium that you enjoy, such as Facebook or Twitter and master one form of marketing until you are happy you know what you are doing and producing regular leads every day, on a consistent basis. Because if you jump from one type of marketing to another, you will most probably fail and never become competent at anything. The magic key here is becoming effective as quickly as possible.

You Need To Learn The Core Fundamentals Of Marketing

I personally believe that attraction marketing is by far the best skill to learn at the beginning or if you have been going a while and not had any success. There is a lot to learn and you can easily become confused, stressed and burnt out. It is simple stuff, but there is a lot of it.

So start at your pace not someone else’s. Learn that one strategy that is going to work for you, before you move on to a second or more complicated strategies. Start slow and consistent and build it up, so that you have an arsenal of skills and several successful ways of generating leads.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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Stay And Fight

Stay And Fight Or Surrender?

Stay and fight or throw in the towel. It’s your choice. So Are you the type of person who will make the best out of the skills and opportunity that you have or are a person who quits and walks away at the first obstacle or hurdle?


I hope you are the person who displays a fighting spirit always. Yes you need to know when it is the right time to move away from a project, but never become the person who is a serial coward. You know the ones that get confronted with some work and then make up some pathetic excuse to walk away.stay-and-fight

Get The Best Out Of Yourself

I agree that sometimes it is much better to leave and live to fight another day, but there are many individuals who make a career out of it. They become experts at retreating, instead of excelling at new ventures. Look to get the aboslute best of yourself in any particular situation.

The way I see it is this. You have been given a fantastic opportunity and you can choose to be bold and adventurous or drag your feet and waste time. Now, we all make mistakes, but let’s achieve something worthwhile and of value. We are presented with the chance of striking gold and we go to the gold store with a egg cup rather than a very large bucket.

What Can You Do Starting Tomorrow?

The first thing you must do is only start things that have your total attention and passion. To win you will need a white hotting burning desire to be the best or to become a champion. Second best doesn’t really cut it, does it. Quit only when you have given it your all and can give no more. Then you walk away with your head held high.

You are the reason that you’re not winning, nobody else. Don’t get caught up in pity parties and blame everyone else. It’s your fault you are not earning what you should be making. It’s your fault you quit too easily and it is your problem that you scamper away from the great ventures, the brilliant business opportunities and the exciting sports that you could excel in. All you have to do is be careful with your choices and only take part in projects that rock your world. That’s it folks.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

5 Step Formula

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Strive To Accelerate Results

Accelerate Results To Build Momentum

Acelerate results in everything. Now I always try do this, but the question here is, do you? Is it just about increasing your output or putting more effort into your project?

I personally feel that it is about finding cutting edge technology, paying attention to innovative ideas, adopting new skills and continuously growing as a person in a learning environment, that will make the difference.


You Don’t Speed Up By Cutting Corners

You should never take short cuts, unless they are proven to work. Be very careful seizing the first thing that comes along and that glows brightly.

Ensure that you evaluate anything new before implementing it. Things lke training programs, strategies and the next change the world shiny object.

Be aware that on occasions the old way can still be good. Yes, you have to be flexible and also move with the times, but don’t abandon things that work well in favour of the idea of the week.

I am a great believer in the phrase, “If it ain’t broke then why fix it.” By all means tweak and alter when required but be careful.

How Do You Move Forward At Pace?

It can be frustrating in network marketing when you are not moving as quickly as you would like. Momentum is a critical, but funny thing. Now let’s assume that you have a vsion and some great goals. What do you really need? Maybe it is to generate leads.

When generating leads you have to be extremely cautious with lead lists and companies that supply leads. The good ones are few and good ones are hard to come by. Consider developing your leads through education.

Make sure you use a training platform that has been proven to work previously and still striving forward today . Look for longevity and vast experience before choosing such a company. If you need assistance contact me.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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Go All The Way

Go All The Way With Everything That You Do

Go all the way, sounds great, but do most people listen, act and take that advice. Hell no. But why not, it seems like the right thing to do? The truth is that you must play full out in everything that you involve yourself in. To me that is the only way to go.

The reason is that our education system and home life generally do not teach this concept of follwing through with something and achieving. Yes, there are exceptions, but most people suffer from a defeated attitude before they start anything. It is a mixture of the system and how they are wired psychologically.


Don’t Just Stick Your Toe In The Water

Most people poke their hobby, sport or project with a stick and see if it moves. They never get fully stuck into their new venture with relish and perseverance. How about you? Do you stick with the program and squeeze as much as you possibly can from it or are you the type of person who spends a fortune on golf clubs that remain in the cupboard all brand spanking new and clean?

What percentage of people staRt something and then quit too early? I bet the numbers are staggering. In network marketing leaving early or without giving it everything is rife. People expect the world, dig for gold near the surface, but end up disappointed because they have left their respective business opportunity after 14 days, having earned or achieved absolutely nothing.

Find Out All That You Can And Do It

The majority of people don’t do very much at all. Some are lazy and others have no clue and don’t take the time to find out how things work and research the relevant information that they will need on their journey.

Would you believe that quite a few individuals employ the right tools, but stop a few feet from the diammonds and walk away. Now you are not that type of person are you? The bottom line is that you have made the decision to go all the way to the top or at least exhaust all of the avenues open to you. You are only a winner if you decide to be one. You can do this

Need help to go from A to ZClick here

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

Go all the way.

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Embrace The Future

Embrace The Future And Stay Ahead Of The Curve

We have to embrace the future if we are stay up with progress and innovation. New things are being invented all of the time, especially in the area of technology. We as an industry have to be aware of what is happening around us.

You have heard the phrase, “What works today, may not work tomorrow.” What this means to you as a network marketer is that you have to keep listening, watching and reading, in order to grow and prosper.embrace-the-future

How Do We Get Out In Front

Pay attention to the people at the cutting edge of change and improvement. People like Elon Musk, Darren Hardy, Brendan Burchard, Sir Richard Branson or a education platform for network marketers such as MLSP. There are some great people and groups to choose from and don’t just listen to the favorites. There are a lot of marketers that are brilliant at what they do and it only takes one good idea to spark things off for you.

To be fair there is enough information to keep you going for many years, that has already been written or a video has been made. The key is finding that missing part of your jigsaw. Sometimes you are only a few feet from gold and you don’t even know it.

Keep Searching, Seeking And Masterminding

Sometimes you can’t rely on yourself totally. It is always good to talk and exchange ideas with like minded entrepreneurs. Just yesterday I was speaking to my business partner and we both dropped little comments that helped each other tremendously.

You see that you will never know when that vital piece of information is gooing to pop its head over the parapet. So you and I both need to stay sharp and keep chipping away for the answers to our questions. If we embrace the future it allows us to remain open to suggestion and possibilities. Because we all want to progress and be successful

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

Embrace the future.

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Ready To Hustle

Are You Ready To Hustle?

You must be ready to hustle to make it in network marketing. Why? Because you have to be ready to seize opportunities by the balls and go for it now, not next week.

Most people don’t know how to street fight and that is very similar to hustling. You have to get down and dirty on many occasions and scarp for your future, It is never easy.


Hustle Means Constant Activity And Momentum

Sometmes you have to play it rough. Now I don’t mean be agressive towards others. What I mean is you have to be prepared to rough it out when things aren’t going that well. These are the times that will determine who you are and what you are going to become.

You have to be at it all of the time, not some of the time. I know because I have been at both ends of that and I have to say that being active far beats being inactive or lazy. You are never going to build worthwhile momentum by sitting on your rear end.

To Create Excitement Sometimes You Need To Shove

You have to learn that to hustle means to nudge and elbow your way through the masses to find the influencers and the smart grafters. It is about going to work my friend, big time. That is what hustling is all about. Never giving in or giving up, taking knocks on the chin, getting up and starting again.

If you are not prepared to obsess a bit and go to war, then quit. The world will move aside for a committed person, but will sneer and laugh at a half baked attempt to make money. Hustling also means making yourself valuable to the marketplace. So get ready to hustle my friend.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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